Pre-Wedding Bridal Care Routine!

Pre-Wedding Bridal Care Routine!

Our brides should look and feel their best on their wedding day. We jot down a few points which will help you not just look good, but feel good as well. If you put in a little effort to take care of yourself, off from your busy schedule, then you'll see the change it makes on your wedding day. It'll also add to your self-esteem, and everybody loves a confident bride.

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Glow your Skin Moisturise, exfoliate and cleanse your skin, especially your face. It's advisable to visit a dermatologist at least two months before your wedding date. This will give you enough time to choose products that suit your skin and help you decide which products you can carry into your married life. If you suffer from repeated acne breakouts, try finding the cause behind it, like dust or oily food. Also, try on your make-up, which you will be using at your wedding functions and see if it gives you any side effects or irritation.

makeup noor1 Pamper your body When it comes to your body, there are only a few steps required. Get a full body massage done, one week prior to the wedding, it'll help you relax and get rid of pre wedding jitters. Also, get your customary full body waxing done, a week before the wedding in case you develop any back acne or rashes. If you have extra time on hand, then go for a De-tan exfoliating spa treatment for your body, it'll remove all your dead cells and make your skin look healthier. At home, moisturise your body regularly after a shower with a basic body butter so it retains its glow. iStock_000016148381Medium Indulge your Tresses Hair spas are extremely underrated. A few hair spas, beginning from a month before your wedding will do you wonders. Try treatments if you suffer from any hair problems and get specific spas done for them. If you aren't one who likes spas, go to an Ayurvedic centre. The point of everything is to make your hair healthier since it is bound to be suffering a lot of damage when you get elaborate hair styles at your wedding. 199 Fight Brittle Nails Many brides do not pay enough attention to this detail. Nails are a very important part, they complete your outfit. It is wise to get a manicure clubbed with a pedicure, two weeks before the wedding. However, get your nail polish retouched a day before your wedding. If you have brittle nails, use hand and nail cream every night before you go to bed. Also, use the transparent nail polishes that offer strength to your nails, try growing your nails to a decent length so they don't look bitten off or shabby. Shellac_French_Manicure

Cleanse your Body Beauty comes from within, a bride must feel beautiful in every way possible. Ditch yoru colas and chips for at least 2 months before you wedding. Eat greens and fruits, regular juices will make a lot of difference to your skin. Also try green tea with honey and lemon, it'll detox your body and is also good for your immune system. The reason behind eating healthy is simple, you will eat a lot of food on your wedding or maybe none at all. Your stress levels will be high and you're likely to neglect yourself, but if your body is healthy, you will cope better. pedicure