Sherly’s beautiful gender reveal party in Canada!

Sherly’s beautiful gender reveal party in Canada!

Gender reveal :

As soon as we got to know those 3 words from our Doc "its a girl” we were over the moon.We definitely wanted to host a gender reveal party, for this is the first party for our baby whom we dreamed so much about.I know many couples like to be surprised at their Gender Reveal parties but there was no way we could wait. So we decided to have the reveal for our friends and watch the surprise unfold for them.

It such a fun get-together and I had such a blast planning. It was the beginning of fall in Toronto and we wanted the reveal to be outdoors with the remaining greenery. We decided to have the party at our backyard.

For the decor we had a blue and pink balloon garland to complement the party theme. White chairs were laid and our backyard looked all set-blue and pink everywhere.

The party was at noon and guests began to arrive.We had our guest guess the gender before the reveal and we made a note.For the reveal, we burst a big black balloon pre-filled with pink confetti. We had surprise gifts for all those who had guessed the correct gender.

After the reveal we had our cake cutting.I must mention the beautiful cake. It was a pink-blue customized cake with pink fillings and floral decorations.

We continued with a series of games such as Measuring belly, "Dont say baby",Bindi for baby and of course the winner of the games got a gift. All the gifts were carefully chosen with many trips to the shopping malls.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."I am a big fan of bodycon dresses and was sure  to wear one for the party as well. I was lucky to get a cold shoulder bodycon dress at Nordstrom and it fitted me like a glove.

For Dadda, we went straight to Zara and the purchase was done in a flash. In addition we got suspenders for his trousers.

There is no love more sincere than the love of food. We love food and for all parties we make sure we have a whole lot of variety food. One of our dear friends got the food arranged for us from a catering service after sampling from a lot of restaurants. We got to choose the buffet menu and we made sure we selected the lunch menu with rich varieties from starters to dessert.

We were so lucky because one of our family friends is a photographer as well. So we never had to hunt for a photographer as we had the best. He made sure all moments are captured and we couldn’t ask for more. The photos were beautiful and such a sweet memory to treasure.

That afternoon was everything we wanted and more, surrounded by people we love. The best part of life is the fun and joy you can make of it, and it wouldn’t be the same without the people around us that we love and who love us back.

Ah I still can’t believe we’ll have a little girl joining us very soon! She’ll be here before we know it!!


Baby Shower:

As days got nearer and nearer for welcoming our baby girl we started making arrangements for our Baby shower. We wanted to have our baby shower after my mom joined us in Toronto. Being in a foreign country, we were so happy as our family was joining us for the function.

It was fall season in Toronto, beautiful and colorful trees everywhere. Hands down it’s our favorite season.Started to get slightly chill as well. So we had our Baby shower in our home. Our baby shower was completely traditional. We decorated the house with marigold and oh wat an auspicious ambience it was!

The day dawned and we got up in the morning with the wonderful aroma of variety rice from the kitchen. My sister was making nine delicious varieties of colorful rice.

We wanted the saree colour to complement the fall season. Mummy got us a beautiful orange pure silk saree from Pothys and matching shirt for Dadda from Nalli silks.

Our family friend who captured our gender reveal was capturing our baby shower as well,so we were assured that the pics are going to be wonderful.

We had ordered purely vegetarian food from one of the famous restaurants.The meal was customized to fourteen item thali kind from papad to kheer.Friends started coming over elevenish in the morning and we started with a prayer and aarthi.Everyone showered mommy and little one their blessings with flowers and glass bangles.We thanked everyone with a favor bag loaded with some handpicked goodies.

Ended the shower with an outdoor photoshoot.

What a wonderful and emotional afternoon it was, drawing us a day nearer to welcome our bundle our joy.