The Bride's Sister Who Flaunted Charisma And Grace

The Bride's Sister Who Flaunted Charisma And Grace

It's always a magical journey to be a part of a South Indian traditional events. What if it's your sister's engagement ceremony? We can't even imagine the joy and excitement that gets filled in. Engagements are always fun and when it's going to be your favourite sibling's engagement, you don't even have to start stating us about the history!

Here is a pretty woman named Arrika who dressed so gorgeously for her sister's engagement and had received such appreciation all over.

Let's hear it from her as she joyously takes us through her trousseau shopping details.

"It was my sister's engagement that took place in Tirupati in February 2018. I was so excited to be all dressed up for her big day and I was as excited as she was.

My sister's silk sarees were from Kanchipuram and my outfit was from Varsidhi, T.Nagar, Chennai. They have a pretty exclusive variety of outfits and I picked mine out from their collection.

My makeup was done by Divya. She is a makeup artist who has just started up the professional artistry and I loved the look that she gave me. Her service was highly satisfactory and she was also in-charge of my sister's makeover.

My sister's jewelry were purchased from GRT and the diamond neck set I wore was from Hyderabad.

Photography details were taken care of Blue Eye. The quality of the photographs were top notch perfect.

My sister's wedding is set to be in April and I can't wait to dress up and flaunt all the way already!