The Other Name Of Unique Motifs And Hand-Made Embroidery!

The Other Name Of Unique Motifs And Hand-Made Embroidery!

A dot that was able to connect through several other ones and is now a rapidly growing designing space. That’s @onedotknot# for you!  It hasn’t been a bed of roses though, but was worth all the wait. Let’s hear it from Divya Shanmugam, fondly called as Hasini by her loved ones from @onedotknot# 

“I completed my masters in media studies and was nowhere related to designing or embroidery. Although I had a keen eye for detailing and I designed most of my clothes. From being attracted to my minute works, my friends insisted in making me a designer and thus began my journey.

I initiated with one dot knot, 3 years ago with a store in the U.S while my friend launched it. Later it was just an online store in India and then was launched as a store in the city of Coimbatore. Now we’ve grown up to providing our services to 15 boutiques in Coimbatore, and 4 in Cochin.

We specialize only in bridal wear and we don’t cater for normal day wears. We are also the personal designers of actor Sasikumar when he goes to events and various other launches. We recently did an embroidery specially for Sasikumar to commemorate the Jallikattu issue by designing a “Kaalai maadu” on his shirt.

We are fondly known for the “muga lakshanam” of all the Gods and Goddesses. We can imitate any God and Goddess like Lakshmi, Durga, Krishna, Radhai, etc with utmost care and perfection. We use only antique jewelry finishing and we do not do yellow jewelry or any other elements.

Men have also started to do a lot of detailing to their shirts and we are happy to experiment into that as well.

We have recently worked on a blouse with silver pendants dipped in gold and we have received enormous amounts of compliments.

We never use machine embroidery. We always focus on hand-made embroidery. We are a team of 15 embroiderers, 8 tailors and I’m the one who designs all items with precision and perseverance