Trousseau Shots On Your Big Day You Shouldn't Miss Taking

Trousseau Shots On Your Big Day You Shouldn't Miss Taking

Trousseau shots are as much an importance just like how you would never forget to take pictures of everything else that makes up your big day. Imagine yourself, hunting for jewelry, attires, every little detailing and then on that fine day you forget to capture those moments whilst you are not able to look back upon. Well, we sure would hate to be put in such a scenario. For every bride, more than anything else it’s her complete collection of bridal trousseau that’s going to give her the bliss she deserves. For every bride, it is her mandatory duty to not fail to take pictures like these and keep herself awed at all times. 

OVER ALL – This one shot speaks of a woman’s journey from being a little girl to a woman who is prepared to give birth to yet another!

Photo courtesy - The memory writers

Photo courtesy - creative wedding photography  

Photo courtesy - Kiruba krishnan  

Photo courtesy - Siraj khan 

BANGLES – These noisy chimes are always going to get you rid of all that anger and anxiety while they jingle.

Photo courtesy - the duet photography 

Photo courtesy - duet photographhy  

EARRINGS – Beneath your ears, these two beautiful chunks of gold that drop down to make merry. Don’t forget to get them captured.

Photo courtesy - R nathan photography 

 Photo courtesy - Ifotos 

Photo courtesy - creative wedding photography 

SLIPPER – To the ones that are about to hold you up all day. Choose them wisely since they might hurt you when chosen wrongly.

Photo courtesy - WFA 

VANKI – This beautiful work of art and craftsmanship that helps in accelerating the beauty of your arms shall never be missed

Photo courtesy - duet photography 

THAALI – Last but definitely not the least, the one string of gold that keeps reminding you that you’re not in this alone.

Photo courtesy - Studio clickz 

RING – The metal that holds the nerves of two lives together. The ring which keeps reminding you that he is yours and you’re his.

Photo courtesy - R Nathan Photography 

Photo courtesy - Ifotos  

SAREE – Missing out on this major trousseau will be a sin. This one takes credit in being the heroine of the whole event. 

ODDIYANAM – These waist bands or belts as they’re formally called can hold lot more glory than you actually think.

Photo courtesy - R Nathan photography 

Photo courtesy - The memory writers 

METTI – One element that shouts out loud that you’re lawfully wed, besides your thaali.

Photo courtesy - Vipin 

NOSERING – Not all women pierce their noses and not all look absolutely stunning in those. Make the best of those.

Photo courtesy - Wedding stori 

Photo courtesy - Studio clickz  

ANKLETS – The babies that adorn your feet. Why not take a peek at how they look?

Photo courtesy - Th - clicker 

Photo courtesy - 84mm studio