Winners Of Shopzters 4th Anniversary Contest 6 - A Dreamy Love Shoot With The One & Only Vijay Eesam

Winners Of Shopzters 4th Anniversary Contest 6 - A Dreamy Love Shoot With The One & Only Vijay Eesam

What an amazing time it has been! Thanks to all of you amazing couples out there who shared with us your lovely story! It was a pleasure reading all your beautiful stories! And yes, we are sure that you guys are waiting for the results! Here you go guys! CONTEST 6 - A dream love shoot worth 1 Lakh Rupees with the one and only @vijay-eesam-photography#

We know every couple deserves a love shoot like this. But sorry guys since this is a contest we were allowed to choose only one. And the winner is Aravind and Sukanyah!!!!!

Here is the story of Aravind and Sukanyah for you guys to read.

Hi! This is Aravind. Aravind & Sukanyah. Two individuals, who didn't want to get into a relationship. Two different countries. Two different time zones. Two people, who never saw each other before. But this is how it happened! I am Aravind. A humble Chennai guy, who wear aprons and hold stethoscope around neck. I also scribble random stuffs on the net. It was just after the time of OK Kanmani release. It inspired one of my scribbles, which was a write up featuring the list of all Mani(ratnam) sir movies and how he played 'love' as a character in the script. It wasn't intentional but it went viral for the next few days yielding a few thousand likes and shares from all over the globe. I was getting a minimum of 100 Facebook requests every other day and it was overwhelming already.

This post reached Malaysia too and among many girls, this one special Indian origin girl, Sukanyah, who has no roots or relatives at all in India for last 3 generations, liked the post so very much and that was the first ever time she sent some unknown guy, a Facebook friend request. Somehow randomly I messaged her to know about her and both of us, who were despite being reluctant about any relationship or commitments at that time, instantly got carried away and liked each other. It was the second day we spoke, haven't seen each other's faces but we fell in love. She asked out of nowhere and I accepted without a hick up. It was the most instinctive decision we both have taken in our lives and we would have regretted all our lives if we hadn't listened to our guts at that blind point and did the impossible. We started talking more. Every next day we spoke, we felt deeper for each other.

Days passed by. Though we had some catastrophic wars every now and then, yet we felt so strong about this. We really wanted to be a pain in the ass for each other all our life and being married is the only best and easy way we could choose. So it was the telling-our-parents time. I told my parents and after a slight hurdle, they nodded yes. I took the responsibility of telling their parents too, who already knew here and there about us. So it was my first flight to a foreign country. She had to travel from Malaysia(Johor) to Singapore because I reached the Changi Airport in Singapore. She got stuck in traffic and was late. I reached early and my eyes were faster than google, searching for that one woman in the big airport crowd, whom I haven’t seen in person yet but who had been my whole life for past 1 year and also going to be my bedroom, kitchen, dining and bathroom partner for the next few decades to come. Those three long walks in the arrival area of the airport made me realize that my body can produce so much adrenaline within minutes. She came with a frowning face because she was late but it was cute.

I could never forget that puppy face all my life and it will be the last image memory I am going to carry to my grave too. Hugs happened. Crying happened. Coffee happened. Silence happened. Holding hands happened. Everything is a fond memory and the richest treasure I could ever earn in life. I am sure it’s the same for her too.  I went to their home, proposed to her dad so lovingly to hand over his daughter and he couldn't deny. Which father can deny a man, whose eyes scream to him that this young man is going to take care of your daughter and love her a million times more or atleast equal to how much you loved and took care of her for the past two decades? Then, our families met in Chennai and they liked each other more than we expected.

 Two families from across the ocean into an eternal relationship! Marriage is beautiful, isn’t it? So it's exactly two years we've been in this beautiful journey. Oceans apart, time zones apart, traditions apart but always tangled by this fantasy ride that gives chills every time we think about it. We are getting hitched next year (2018) March 26. Being in a long distance relationship, even that looks so long to us but yes, we got to wait for that beautiful day of togetherness. Planned a humble but cute wedding here in Chennai and hopefully we need all your wishes and if possible a photo shoot! Just kidding. Wishes are most expected even if not a win.


Congrats Arvind and Suganya. We will get in touch with you soon!