10 Spectacular Hairstyles To Go With Your Lehenga

10 Spectacular Hairstyles To Go With Your Lehenga

Brides are trying out new styles and different fashion options these days. It is indeed lovely to watch south Indian brides venture new trends and carry it out in an exquisitely elegant manner. We decided we'd pitch in and ideate a few really good hairstyles you can try on with your choice of Lehenga.  

1. A side partitioned front hair and hair curled in-to a bun is quite the lady-like touch that would very well go with your Lehenga.

Hair Style Lehenga 1

  2. The classic Braided Bride look goes well with enough accessories and touch-up's. Just make sure it doesn't look plain and you're good to go! In fact, this hairstyle is one of the most comfortable ways to keep straight-hair in place.

Hair Style Lehenga 2

  3. A less complicated curled up hair left cascading down is one of the best options if you have a short hair. Make sure you're comfortable in whichever hairstyle and new trend you try.

Hair Style Lehenga 3

  4. A partition in the front with some hair pulled back can be a way of saving time. But you could save this style for Sangeet or smaller gatherings to match up with your Lehenga.

Hair Style Lehenga 4

  5. Partitioned hair, pulled up high behind and adorned with beautiful hair accessory definitely brings in a whole new look to you. Do not be afraid to try on new styles as you decide for your hairstyle and accessories.

Hair Style Lehenga 5

6. Puffed front of your hair and some soft curls throw a graceful look to the bride. It gives a volume look to your hair too.

Hair Style Lehenga 6

7. A simple braid hairstyle, studded with colorful accessories through the entire braid, definitely a winner!

Hair Style Lehenga 7

  8. Messy is back in style! We have some gorgeous brides carrying it out totally amazing. You can always keep it Classy and a little bit of soft messy curls all at the same time and still look ravishing. Here's Proof!

Hair Style Lehenga 8

  9. Curled hair and all pulled to one side is also the most comfortable hairstyle a bride could go in with. The hair stays in one place and gives you Style.

Hair Style Lehenga 9

  10. A neatly pulled bun on the side adorned with charming hair accessories shout out Elegance against your Lehenga! Need we say more?

Hair Style Lehenga 10