5 More Bridal Blouse Designs To Experiment This Season

5 More Bridal Blouse Designs To Experiment This Season

We at Shopzters try time and again to bring you variation and diversity in wedding fashion. So today we have come up with yet another list of bridal blouses where you can choose yours from and experiment with. If you haven't seen our previous article, do check it out and pick a blouse that matches your dream wedding outfit. You can pair these blouses with a sari, lehenga or a long skirt that you love.

Golden Embroidery This type of blouse looks great with your Kanchipuram saris that have heavy golden borders. Your sari by itself may seem simple but a blouse with heavy golden embroidery immediately lifts the entire outfit without looking tacky. There are a number of variations to this and you can add certain aspects with other colours that match your sari. You can go for gold on gold work which is very in right now, or you could pick a bright colour as the base and have embroidery done over it. If you are having a day wedding then complement a pastel blouse with a subtle version of goldenGolden 03Golden 01Golden 02    

Dori Back :

For the bride who loves to experiment, a dori with a plunging back is the perfect choice especially if you're having a hot summer wedding. The tassels at the end of the dori have some wonderful variations and can be customised to match your outfit, from frills to beaded and lace inspired ones. You can ask your tailor to make the tassels especially for you, so they match your sari perfectly. This type of blouse looks great with your hair up in a bun.

Dori 01      Credits: Anya

Dori 03 Dori 02

  Experimental Motifs

Motifs are a very important part of Indian weddings. They influence everything from the decor to the beautiful mehendi designs that the bride adorns. So why not use your favourite motif to glam up your wedding blouse? Chose from the peacock design, paisley to anything else that you have an eye on, adopt one you wish to keep close on your wedding day. A bride recently got her entire love story designed into her sari pallu, so choose this day to express yourself.

Motif 01                                                                                 Credits: NVY Studio

Motif 03 Motif 02

Geometric Back :

The oval back much like the dori blouse has a plunging back, but it doesn't have a dori. Instead this blouse is cut in a way that it meets and forms a circle at the back. You can experiment with the shape of the cut you are opting for, get sharp edges, a circle, an oval or a diamond according to what matches your sari. If you're feeling edgy then this is definitely the look you should go for, it looks great in bright colours and printed blouses.

Oval 02 

Floral Work : If your sari has a lot of colours or you just want to add a palette to your outfit, then pick a floral blouse with a burst of bright and pleasing colours. Since most brides prefer gold for the wedding day, you can opt for this style for your mehendi and sangeet functions. It also leaves scope for you to experiment with different embroidery work, for example a phulkari blouse will make you stand out for sure. If you're looking for something simple then pick a graphic printed floral design and get it sequined, it looks exceedingly elegant. Floral 03