6 Party Hairstyle Ideas To Quirk Up Your Big Days

6 Party Hairstyle Ideas To Quirk Up Your Big Days

Gone are the days when the brides used to have a very traditional hairdo, complimenting their silk sarees. Now is the time to be alive when the brides want to try out unique and quirky, super classy hairdos that are pretty outside the box. Pretty braids with super cute hair accessories, curls, floral works, you name it, @monz-makeover# does the right job for you. These pictures are proof that no hairstyle hasn't been done by them already!

1. Do you have a medium length hair? Worry not, for this hairdo is the ultimate choice for people with a medium length of hair.

2. A bun with a braid adorned with floral vines. That's got to do the magic.

3. A super classy minute braid with floral accessories.


4. A very simple yet classy hairdo with a stone studded centre clip and the hair dropped down to pretty curls.  

5. Want to mix tradition with an Indo western hairstyle? With a floral accessory on top of the braid, we think that this one's the stop.

6. This party hairstyle with bright flowers is sure to impress your guests.