A Designer Who Chose To Pursue Her Dreams After Graduating In The Field Of Commerce

A Designer Who Chose To Pursue Her Dreams After Graduating In The Field Of Commerce

For Vaani Reghupathy, a Commerce grad from Stella Maris, Chennai, creating things with a unique touch was always a personal favourite. So after completing her bachelor’s programme, she went on to pursue her dreams. It all started when she started making customized clothes for friends and family where her nieces and nephews topped the list. She started a Facebook page for “Dithi Studio” in the year 2013 and after 3 years of hard-work now the business has grown towards so much glory.

She speaks to Shopzters about the various versatilities Dithi Studio has been taking over.

Planning since February 2016 and launching it in October, Dithi studio began as a very humble business. With positive feedbacks and responses from friends and family alike, I expanded the business even more.

Our studio which in based near Poes Garden hosts a lot of essentials under one roof. With hand picked Cotton sarees, Silk sarees, Tunics, Kurtis, Accessories, Clutches all in one place, we insisted on taking over a multi-design store. Since this was taking our concentrations into several other directions, we have now solely set up for designing and stuff.

Nanditha Ramesh who owns Turquoise Design Studio is a very good friend of mine and I’ve taken inspirations from her for pursuing my career in fashion.

I’m a person who is fond of colours and who loves dressing up people in vibrant hues. With that thought in mind, I always customize the outfits for all my customers.

4 years ago, there wasn’t so much bling with regard to blouses and the like. But now, brides want to experiment with a lot with blings and glitters. They have given us the space to play around with fabrics.

One hack I would always want every bride to takeover with regard to safeguarding the bridal blouses are, to not iron or steam iron them directly. Instead, iron them from behind. Wrap them up in butter paper and hang them individually from other outfits so as to avoid them from falling apart. 

Also, for all the Dithi Studio loyalists out there, there is a brilliant piece of launch coming up this month. So, stay amazed!