A Makeup Artist From Nagaland - Exclusive

A Makeup Artist From Nagaland - Exclusive

grLeimi Phinao, a very beautiful and talented makeup artist who is basically from Nagaland, completed her studies in Bangalore and is now a makeup artist in Chennai, speaks to Shopzters joyously about her incredible journey.

"I joined the MAC store in Kader Nawaz Khan road, Chennai initially and that's when I got to know that I was pretty passionate about makeup artistry. It turned out to be a very relaxing and soothing job and I ended up falling in love with it. Although my parents weren't really happy about it and confessed that I wouldn't make it big in this field. With my constant hard work and my sister's training, I did pretty well in my field of profession. 






I eventually started working for small magazines and projects and have also worked for Manish Malhotra. I've been a celebrity makeup artist for few familiar faces like Namitha, Aarti Ravi, Shubra Iyappa and have also done the wedding makeup for Kiki Shantanu.

I have also worked with Chanel, travelled to Dubai and have been trained there. In 2015, I left Chanel and started freelancing as a professional makeup artist.




I use high-end products like MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Estee Lauder, etc with MAC being my top favourite since it suits the Indian skin tone so well and blends in beautifully. 

It is very important for brides to maintain a healthy skin since a healthy skin works wonders with flawless makeup and doesn't cake on. Keep yourselves hydrated and take up skin care routines seriously. Visit the parlours at least once a month for maintaining your skin.




After Kiki's wedding, Shopzters had promoted my work and I've been receiving so many clients since then and it was a major kick start for me. Eventually, most of my brides were being featured on Shopzters. Thank you Shopzters for the huge platform."