Beauty Begins- A Step Towards Being Beautiful

We are all beautiful! But it takes someone to bring out the beauty in us. With magic strokes of brushes, to the apt application of bold eyeliner making our eyes speak volumes of the untold story and matted or ruby red lips that could make thousands die for, every girl needs a Leimi Phinao in their lives to make their beauty more appealing in the eyes of beholders.

Who is Leimi Phinao?

A household name to many, but for those who haven’t heard about the makeup maestro - she is the founder of @beauty-begins-by-leimi-1#, a make-up initiative that brings out the beautiful best of girls.

Leimi started her career when she was given her first placement at Mac Cosmetics (Buva House Nungambakkam). A self-learner with loads of dedication as an investment, Leimi admits to have learnt a lot from Mac. The next leg of her career started at Chanel, where she received a lot more training in Dubai.

Leimi admits that the experience with Mac and Chanel taught her a lot about the makeup and beauty industry and improved her skills as a Makeup-Artist.

The Goal and Achievement-

Leimi was all for starting over her own business but initially, she wasn't confident.

Eventually, she decided to start freelancing whenever she could and started promoting herself on social media platforms as well as successful platforms like Shopzters. That’s how she developed a special bond with Shopzters. And Voila!  As she says, she was able to reach out to clients more when she listed her business on our website.

Today she has finally achieved the destination where she wanted to be with her successful brand Beauty Begins.



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