Boutique of the month – September!

Boutique of the month – September!

This month's boutique is the Art of Gold Jewellery, known for its exquisite designs in gold jewellery. I am sure you would feel the same when you have a look at their jewellery designs! Here's what they have to say! Thanks for taking a moment to know more about us. This is not an marketing feature written by seasoned professionals to sing glories about our store. This is just our story and the principles we have picked and maintained so long.


How it all started? Our journey indeed had a very humble beginning. It began on a nondescript day, when Mr. Srinivasan decided to give a new pair of studs to his mother. Being from a Middle class family, he had previously sold his mother's stud for an unavoidable expense. Suddenly a thought struck him to do this as a business. A solid capital or the ability to speak and persuade are pre-requisites for any business but he couldn't afford to invest heavily, or was the kind to speak essays about his jewellery. He simply started off by doing what he was really good at designing some really unique jewellery and maintaining a high purity of jewels even before the advent of Gold Testing or Hallmarking. The uniqueness of his Jewellery garnered good response and he started selling Jewels to retailers in and around the city.


Slowly, his unique designs & superior finishing of jewels earned him a very good reputation with the retailers from other cities too and he expanded his clientele to Metros like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Supplying to more number of outlets in a single city would mean better business sense, but to give his clientele (retailers) the advantage of having unique jewellery he supplied to only a very very limited number of stores in any city. Volume of business was never a priority for Mr. Srinivasan, he just wanted to design the best jewels and make some money out of this passion. As days passed a lot of friends and family members requested him to do jewellery for their requirements. Most of them never looked for another jeweller again and were very happy with the Design and finishing of the jewels. This encouraged him to open a retail outlet, putting to use all the experience and knowledge gained in 35 years of crafting exquisite jewellery, Art of Gold was born. Today here we are, constantly learning and improving, encouraged and inspired by customers like you.


Our Promise ? We will never quote an high wastage and then slowly bring it down in the guise of offering you a huge discount. We just quote the actual price right away. Customers are our Kings and we don't want to make our Kings bargain. ? We will never just falsely pamper you when you buy lots and also never frown when you buy just a coin. Customers remain our King, always. ? When a Jewel you pick won't suffice for daily usage, we just say it. Even if it means you don't buy at our store. ? When we don't have a kind of jewellery, we just say it. We will never force you to buy from us. ? All our Jewels are Hallmarked, including our Gold Coins.


Beyond Business Having known the business from the grassroot levels, we have at times seen some artisans making jewellery themselves unable to afford gold jewellery. We have made it our principle to pay the artisans adequately and also offer financial, assistance for housing, education or marriage of children. Thoughts, suggestions, criticisms welcome


Address:West Ponnurangam Road, R S Puram, Coimbatore. FB Link: