Boutique of the month - November'14!

Boutique of the month - November'14!

Meet Sunil! He is a 24 year old who is trying to bring about a change in the traditional gold jewellery industry. Happy to feature Design Esclusivo Jewels as the boutique of the month. DEJ

I started Design Esclusivo in June 2013 and I wanted to be very much different in the market. My dad has been in this business for the past 40 years and he has a different store. I have quite a few specialized products which stand out amidst the crowd. For example, we design human face pendants, rings and photo frames which we create with the help of photos given by the client. We recently launched 'couple rings' which we do with the help of finger impressions. This is an extremely different concept where we make rings using the finger prints of the bride and the groom. What is more; we see that the boy's ring has the girl's imprints and vice versa. DEJ1 We are also launching diamonds with European designs, rings and pendant sets which we are trying to do with rose gold. Another unique effort from our side is introducing Tanzanite, which is a semi-precious colour stone to Coimbatorians. It is very much popular in the US and of late, a lot of Bollywood actors also wear them. It is still not very popular in Coimbatore and only people who travel abroad frequently or people in US know about Tanzanite. DEJ2

I do not boast of having countless pieces of gold jewellery but I can assure my clients that every single piece is meticulously crafted and designed and so, even if they see fewer pieces of jewellery, the will be able to pick at least one of their choice. I must say I do not work for money. Even if I earn a little profit, that will do. All I want is to earn a good name. DEJ5

What is special about DEJ? It's the uniqueness. Every design is unique in itself and I am proud to say I have clients who trust me completely. Latest addition to our business are the designer sarees and lehengas, which we customize according to the client's taste. I am also planning to match the jewellery design to that of the lehenga design. If people want to get both done here, it is fine or if they purchase saree anywhere else, we can make the jewellery design according to the saree design.


Well, All I can say is that I love what I do and I do it passionately. I am indeed fortunate to have clients who are willing to experiment with new stuff. It's been one and half years since I started and I hope to reach out to more people in the near future.


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