Expert Insights From Sruthi Kannath On The Trending Bridal Blouse Designs!


It's not easy for a bride to juggle between too many things. That's exactly why Shopzters is working its way, reaching out to experts for their views to make things much less of a hassle. Shruthi Kannath was so happy to join with us in helping brides find the right kind of trends and styles for their wedding blouse designs, creative ideas and so on. Don't go for the usual blouse that comes with the saree already, you can experiment with even the fabric of the blouse for your Wedding Saree, says, Shruthi Kannath. Read more!

Well, to brief on what is trending this season, I must say it's a lot of cut-works, mirror-works and embroidery. I've been coming across a lot of brides wanting high necks, slash necks, low backs and plunge neck-lines too.

Mostly the work or the embroidery on the blouse is related to whatever the style of the blouse is.


I would advise the brides to not go with the usual blouse that comes with the saree. Be creative and willing to experiment with new style. Use georgette or satin with silk sarees. Instead of a silk blouse, try on sequin worked blouse or intricate patch work.


The past 2 years were all about over doing the neon colored blouses for sarees but it's time to shift and experiment the rest of the color palette. Pastel colors are quickly trending now. The regular color palette has been given a little rest and brides seem to love the warm colors that are in for the season. Some even try on a few traditional colors now and then.

The patch work on the blouse definitely depends on the tastes of the bride. Patch works can be experimented by adding different styles to a similar pattern. Add in or accessorize your motifs with creative pearl work depending on the motif the bride wants.


A very important and trending style for now are the Corset Blouses. Brides who are tall and slim should be able to make sure to find themselves in one of those, it's exquisitely beautiful!


A good long 20 days time ahead, for the blouse designing, fabric selecting and stitching would be perfect for the bride. If the bride is sure about not wanting to use the blouse that comes with the saree, then the best thing to do is start the hunt at the earliest. It takes a while to hunt for the best suited fabric, a few days for stitching and then a trial fitting. Wishing all the brides the best!