Love So True, So Blue!

Love So True, So Blue!

An exclusive Blue lovers' corner! If you think you need to ditch that red and drag in your favorite shade of blue or just a lot of blue shades, here are some great ideas to accessorize and bring in some trendy styles to it.

Bold and Elegant Blue Ins 1 Zg This kind of Blue shade brings out classy woman-like vibe around a bride. Your accessories can be lesser but it should also be able to create a balance with your Wedding wear.

Blooming Blue Blue Inspiration 2 As much as brides are asked to go in for red or maroon sarees, you can always change the trend and be different. Traditional jewelry is not at all going to hinder as long as you can add style and confidence while carrying it well.

Serene Sea Blue Ins 3 MS Another option of having blue in the scene is by adding shades of blue and making it of a Sea touched style. This comes in handy when you want to do a little play with colors and more options to your accessories too.

Royal Ravish Blue Ins 4 ZG Royal Blue shades never go out of fashion. Any time you need the air to brighten up, you can go in for these kind of bright shades. As long as you can make sure it compliments your skin tone, you're good to go. Accessorize up according to your wedding wear, but also, make sure not to dilute the rich look that the color already brings in.

Blue Diamond Blue Ins 5 PriyaVision One of the many shades that can easily compliment most skin tones, this shade is sure to add in exquisite beauty to the bride in you. Diamond accessories are a way with these shades, however, you can be sure to match it up with your attire.

Night and Day Blue Ins 6 With a touch of gold to a light blue shade, one would easily feel a lighter air. Feel free to accessorize just the right amount to give it a fuller style.

A Piece of Sky Blue Ins 7 PV As dreamy as it feels, this blue shade sets a serene calm touch.

Blemish Free Blue Blue Ins 8 Studio A The Blue shade that would easily push Charm to a whole new level. Make it Indian or Western style, the shade makes the best of the both. If you are a Blue lover, you'd do anything to style up a Blue Day for yourself or even better, bring in a new trend and give that red and maroon a good break!