Manasa Mahadev Exclusive - "Clean up and cleanse can never not be in your routine"!

Passion can take anybody anywhere and @manasa-makeup-artist#, who has been in the makeup industry for over 15 years now is a great example. What drove her into this field were her passion, true determination, and hard work.

Let's hear it from the talented artist herself.





"I used to get inspiration from people who excelled in this fields. Through advertisements, movies, newspapers, etc, the passion grew. I completed courses from Bombay and took up advanced training courses to upgrade myself from London, Dubai, etc.

Russian stylist, Georgiy Kot is my mentor and guru. I learnt the art from him and can't stop falling in love with it ever since.





I use brands like MAC, Urban Decay, Anastasia, Smash Box, Krylon, with Smash Box being my top favourite.

I love giving my brides a subtle and natural look since over makeup tends to change the features for few brides. Also, giving a particular look depends on the occasion the person is looking forward too. I excel in all kinds of makeup and I am looking forward to opening a studio of my own in the near future.





One advise I would like to give to the brides is that never skip doing a cleanup and a cleansing your face routine every night. Apply a face cream that goes with your skin so your skin looks fresh and moisturized the next morning. 

While non-Indian brides go for a subtle, smokey makeup with a matte finish eye-do, Indian brides go for a bold one with glittery eyes and subtle/bold lips accordingly.




A great tan removal tip would be to 

1. Mix two spoonfuls of gram flour

2. Add two spoonfuls of curd

3. Squeeze half a lemon into the mixture

4. Apply this on the tanned area and scrub it off

5. You can use this instead of soap too

You can use this on a regular basis for better results. 

Shopzters is a great platform for the artists and I can clearly vouch for the fact that whatever they post is so inspiring and each one differs from the other in a unique way!"