Minimal Mehendi Designs To Watch Out For This Season!

Minimal Mehendi Designs To Watch Out For This Season!

The wedding festivities begin with the ceremony of mehendi and haldi. The entire ceremony is a fun-filled event, with every family member and close friends taking part in it. Apart from being a fun pre-wedding ritual, the ceremony also has a deep-rooted cultural importance and significance. Applying mehendi is said to bring prosperity and good fortune to the family and ward off evil eye. Both the bride and groom adorn their hands and feet with mehendi.

Minimalism is the trend to be followed this season. Arabic designs are simple, minimal and modern at the same time. The motifs and designs have a distinctive floral art work and a free flowing rhythm to them. The floral designs are often matched with paisley patterns, lacy fine lines and a beautiful pattern is created covering a part of the hand and foot. They can flow from wrist to fingers or palms to fingers leaving a lot of free space to enhance for a minimal look. This style accentuates the beauty of the bride and makes her look stunning!

Running from Wrist or Palm to Fingers-

This is the most popular style in mehendi where the designs flow from fingers to your palm or wrist. They look elegant and simple giving a modest but chic look to the bride.

A Prominent Motif-

In this style, single or multiple motifs and patterns are pre-dominantly used with minimal designs in the other areas. They will look bold and beautiful on any bride!

Designs on the Wrist-

Applying a bold design on the wrist is a new trend followed by brides. They look classy and add a flow and rhythm to the entire minimal design making them look unique and prominent.