Pastel Perfect! – Trending The Wedding Scenes in 2016!

Pretty Pastels are a thing now! Trending? Check! Looks amazing on any Bride? Check! Goes well with contrast colors? Check! Looks great on camera? Check! Ethnic? Check! Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make the trending 2016 Wedding Style Pastel colors a part of your Wedding Outfit! We got some ideas before you start your hunt! 1. These colors go well on both the Bride and the Groom. If you don't trust us, here's a couple who've pulled if off oh-so-perfectly!!

Picture Credits: Sutra Snapperz 

2. Pastel blue shades are an absolute magical delight! Picture Credits: Minchu Studio

pretty pastel 2

3. Pastel with a bit of bright colored designs on saree would always beat any usual Red or Maroon stuff!

Picture Credits: ZG Studios pretty pastel 3

4. Make sure to add a bit of sparkle to your Pastel Lehengas! Go for the In styles not just the colors but also the designs on your outfit!

Picture Credits: ZG Studios

pretty pastel 4

5. Green and Gold Pastel shades! Royal indeed!!

Picture Credits: ZG Studios

6. Here's another way to pair it with contrast colors for Groom's outfit!

Picture Credits: ZG Studios 

7. Pastel Mauve somehow makes it all mellow drama!

Picture Credits: Studio A (Amar Ramesh) 

8. Pastel and Gold gives a classy touch to your Bridal outfit! Gorgeous-Overload would be a better term!

Picture Credits: Coffee Stains

9. Another combination of Pastel Blue with Gold adds a radiant bridal vibe!

Picture Credits: Vijay Eesam 

10. Vibrant colors in general when toned down to a pastel shade, manage to bring out the elegance in an outfit. Be sure to try new styles and designs along with these shades. They complement the design!

Picture Credits:ZG Studios