Photography Of The Month! - November'15

Photography Of The Month! - November'15

If there is one thing that is helping people hold on to their beautiful smiles at a festivity or event these days, we have to say, apart from the actual joy of the festivity, it's the talented Photographers. 1555311_480129222098266_741852414_n These people not only are responsible for that smile for just that say but also the smiles that flash across as the family comes across perfect memories that they capture on the frame. 1610792_594136047364249_8799864875449222998_n We have Photography of the Month featuring an enthusiastic and greatly skilled team of Photographers, from Imageo Entertainments, a Kerala Based Photography Team, who are capturing the hearts and the most precious moments of a large number of weddings in Kerala. 10462781_694018120709374_2480980209537286567_n These guys are one of the best Photography and Cinematography companies in Kerala. They also offer Baby Photography services. 11156121_694018177376035_5929837245437801020_n Their services include Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, Wedding Highlights, Corporate Ads and more having Kochi as one of their prominent locations but they also have been taking up projects all around the world. 1781901_594136244030896_7562563097406203959_n A Team of 3 the talented and highly creative Photographers Arun, Shaam and Anand have time and again proved themselves, winning 21 awards as of 2012. 11148548_694017920709394_4582121836175480216_n Imageo believes in giving each of their clients a story that is completely theirs and their frames say it beautifully, beyond the visible.


Capturing hearts and smiles of many at some celebrity weddings like Saranya Mohan's, Imageo is also quickly becoming a 'Buzz of the Town' and one of Celebrity Favourties! PHOTO OCT Life is filled with special moments that remain close to one's heart no matter how far they've come from those moments. With memories etched, sweet emotions peeping out and things left unsaid being framed, we know Imageo is making marks on not just their photographs but also on the lives of people who reach to them to freeze these precious moments. 10941021_653267818117738_5596490126537226814_n Facebook:


Address: 3rd Floor,Oberon Avenue, Oberon Mal, Kochi, India 682024.