To Every Bride Who Wants To Look Ravishing On Your Big Day

To Every Bride Who Wants To Look Ravishing On Your Big Day

An MBA graduate who followed her passion into the art of making and designing outfits for parties, weddings and the like, who began her career six years before with just one tailor and who now has almost over 30 people working for her. Nandhitha Ramesh of @turquoise-design-studio# it is. Let’s hear it from her about her tremendous journey through the world of fashion.

 I’m glad that I decided to go behind what I love the most, my passion. I have launched customised lehengas, blouses catering to all types of moods and events. I have also launched a ready to wear sector in Delhi, called “Merasal” which acclaimed a lot of appreciation.

While talking to Shopzters, with a very humble gesture she answered all the queries put forth by us.

       1.What would you do if you come across a last minute miss-happ?

Touchwood, I have never under-went a major last minute miss-happ. If at all something of that sort happens in the future to anyone of you, stay focused and stay hassle-free.

        2. A bride you would call the best and cherish working with?

I wouldn’t call anyone my favourite in particular since most of the brides I’ve worked with so far are my friends since college and are more like family. Hence, everyone’s my favourite.

        3. Who is your favourite designer and why?

In India my favourite would be Manish Arora for his unpredictable, unique, very vibrant and for his most wearable fashion. Gaurang Shah for his excellent drapes, ethnic motifs and classy value additions. With regard to western fashion, my choice would be Alexander McQueen.

        4. Easy hacks to store and safeguard bridal suits?

You can always store all your bridal suits in huge zip lock bags. They are handy and are easily available everywhere. In the case of long gowns, you can hang them using a hanger and also do not iron, dry clean or wash them very often. My handy option would be that of naphthalene balls since they keep the stink at bay.

         5. Which colour combos according to you work on dusky women?

One thing I always believe is that beauty isn’t about your complexion. It solely lies on the way you carry yourself and also on the confidence you hold. Archana Akil kumar, with her dusky framework, what colour has she not worn?  

         6.What according to you are the latest trends in bridal blouses?

Gone are the days of plain bridal blouses. Now is the era of high neck, heavily worked blouses with jewellery like Jhumkas, embroidery, mirror works, pieces depicting your favourite Lord of worship and the like.