Top 16 Makeup Artists In Chennai Are Here To Make You Look Like Sizzling Celebrities!- Part 2

We're here with Part II and this list has been as eager as the previous one to reach out to all our precious Brides out there! We love making your hunts much simple. Now it's upto you to share and make it simpler for To-Be-Brides who are still on a hunt for Artists who can work the Celebrity Feels.

Rachel's Stylesmith Popular with giving celebrity feels to a brides look on her Wedding Day, Rachels makeup is one of the first few on most Bridal Favourite lists. Her works on some of the most popular Brides, speak of itself!11998850_1056000154433401_8964435356735084965_n  

G Venkatesh

With a whole lot of experience with popular an trendy bridal makeup, G Vankatesh is one of the best in the industry. When it comes to making brides look elegant and perfectly trendy, Vankatesh has got a knack!



One of the absolutely skilled makeup artists in town, Shiva is also one of the most sought after makeup artists when it comes to Bridal Makeup.


Beauty Begins By Leimi

Leimi's works are sure to give an extra dose of bridal glow for you on your Big Day! Well-experienced and artistic tastes with trend and traditional, Leimi is out impressing way too many Bridal Scenes!




One of the popular and favourite mentors for most talented makeup artists in town, Sunitha's works are a whole new level of trendy and peaks of classy! One every brides to-go list we must say!




Call it talented, artistic and perfection because that's what Makeup Artist Raj's works line up to.


Ramana Babu

Makeup Artist Babu's works are quickly becoming a buzz. The very delicate yet distinct works of his, in making brides look stunning is one of the most important factors when it comes to his works.



Talk about the right highlights on the right features to make a bride look glorious at her wedding! Ramakrishnans works are blend of Professional and Perfection.


*The list of artists above is in no particular order.