Towards Better And Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning That Saves A Lot Of Wastage

Towards  Better And Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning That Saves A Lot Of Wastage

Reshma Srijay, the mind and soul behind @flora-wedding-planners# talks to Shopzters about the ignition and organization of her business. Being a person who had a love towards flowers and anything floral, for a Project Engineer from Wipro who was later married and settled off in Coimbatore, she unleashed her creative knuckles and there was born the thought behind Flora Wedding Planners.

Flora was initiated in 2012 and started off as a humble project. It began as a wedding planning company that helped all the to-be-weds in the process of finding their wedding needs. With my interest into everything that interests imagination, I found myself being lured into the fantasy of creating things. And that was how I ended up with Flora. 

All the various exclusive divisions of designs and productions are carried out in-house. We are set up in R.S Puram, Coimbatore and are looking forward to set up in Pondicherry and Chennai in the near future. 

 We are proud to announce that at all wedding ceremonies, the planners like us are the ones who reach the venue first and leave at last. For we see the real colourful part of the wedding. What pained me was the aftermath of the event. The wastage that heaps, the thermocol and degradable waste that were to be left behind hurt me so badly. That was when I came up with the whole idea of “Eco-friendly wedding plan”.

This idea involves the usage of bio-degradable waste like bamboo, coconut leaves, jute and other such elements that cause low wastage and less cleaning after the event is over. 

To mention a few, we planned a wedding for the family of Rangasamy Chettiar and Sons in which we inculcated the usage of the theme of Brindavan and used bamboos, jute and flowers. With regard to the wedding of our bride Mithra Lakshmi, we used jute, lotus leaves, chrysanthemum flowers and made a Vinayakar figurine with the help of coconut leaves. 

Commemorating our works towards saving nature, the EWPC (Edition Exotic Wedding Planning Conference) honoured us with “The most eco-friendly wedding planner” award and we are so much grateful for that and we pledge to save the serenity of our mother nature always.