When Dreams Live On - Story Of Shopzters!

When Dreams Live On - Story Of Shopzters!

As I turn back and look with pride as to how much Shopzters has evolved from the first time it was launched as a Website on December 12th 2013, I know dreams don't just come true, but they live on and grow more!

A small spark of passion that I started as a blog about weddings has now become a whole community that helps, supports and has seen Dream Weddings happen! I remember the times it did not really sound practical to many people that I'd want to work on the idea of Shopzters at a full swing, considering I was blogging during my pregnancy and also started off working on Shopzters full time right after my delivery. All the efforts paid off and here I am, watching Shopzters reach out to so many around the world! It isn't easy to chase your Passions, but once you start it off, you might as well wait and watch where it leads you. How it all worked?

Well I must mention my pillars of complete strength at this point - My Family! Amma, you've sacrificed so much, even to the extent of quitting your business and helping me build my dream. It's hard to believe, its been just the two of us for the past two years. There is no way Shopzters would have gotten this far without you. You've always done everything for Shopzters whole-heartedly and made it your dream too! We're the perfect Mom and Daughter Duo! I am truly lucky to have you Ma. Thanks for always being there, no matter what!

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Akshitha, my 2 year old daughter is my lucky charm. I'll always look at her as my greatest source of encouragement! The way she understands even as a child, has always made me feel so proud to be her mom. Thank you pattu! Thanks to my husband Vivek, my dad, my in-laws and the whole of my family for believing in my dreams and me and motivating me to do better!

Although we celebrate April 30th as Shopzters' official Day, December 12th is one of the greatest milestones that I'll fondly remember and cherish. I also have to thank our readers and visitors, without whose encouragement and wishes we wouldn't be growing so much. You are our greatest push to better ourselves and we hope to have your love and support always.

To our Vendors, we are so thankful and happy that you have trusted us and have partnered with us. We hope you continue to be a part of Shopzters as we grow into a community that not just dreams a creative dream but also makes dreams come alive!

Shopzters also takes pride in announcing that we are now a steady growing team of six strong women who are passionate about what we do at Shopzters. All these help and support has helped us a lot. Shopzters is now getting ready to shift gears. We are launching a brand new Website very soon and this time, it is bigger, better and more happening than ever! I can't wait to share it with you all! It is true, dreams live on!