A treasure box of the exquisite!

A treasure box of the exquisite!

Jewellery has been a woman’s best friend since ever. Well crafted jewellery pieces bring out the best in a woman’s attire and her personality. What’s even better is a piece of jewellery traditionally handcrafted by the best artisans across the country. Bhindu, the founder of Ithihaasaa, a passionate jewellery designer by heart, perceives jewellery as a piece of art that can be adorned. At Ithihaasaa, we have come up with the finest of silver jewellery pieces with the detailing and finishing of Gold Jewellery. We believe the taste of the coming generation is switching towards silver jewellery and keeping that in mind we have created jewellery pieces that will leave you awestruck. To explore the gorgeous jewellery, visit the page and get mesmerised by the beauty of this antique collection.



From minimal to statement, necklaces are meant to add a splash to your personality. Presenting you a collection of handcrafted silver necklaces by Ithihaasaa.




Whether it’s a contemporary or a traditional attire, Earrings add on to the charm within no time! Visit the page and shop for some antique silver earrings.


Oddiyanam (Hip Belts)
Lovely collection of hip belts to enhance the beauty of your outfit and to make your look effortlessly appealing! 



The look and appeal of bangles is such that it goes well with all kinds of outfits and looks. So what are you waiting for? Pick yours now.