An antique treasure box of gutta pusulu jewellery collection!

An antique treasure box of gutta pusulu jewellery collection!

The traditional jewellery style of Andhra Pradesh that is decked with gold, precious kemp stones of red blue and white and then finished off with droplets of clustered pearls is guttapusalu style of jewellery. It is so in this wedding season and is sported by all the cine stars and brides.


Source: Afsha Rangila

This pretty bride rocks the elegant guttapusalu necklace and matching earring.


Source: Art Karat

Doesn’t she look right out of a Ravi Varma painting. The oversized pendant is indeed a masterpiece.


Source: Clique studio

We adore this bridesmaid’s guttapusalu set- the earring, haram and the long chain looks perfect and goes perfectly with her ensemble.


Source: Kishore Krishnamoorthi

The chocker guttapusula is as bright as this bride’s infectious smile! We love it!


Source: L.Bajrang Pershad jewellers

Keerthy Suresh nails the retro look in the film “mahanati” and the Guttapusalu perfectly complements the entire look.


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This bride has the layered guttapusalu game on point. She looks gorgeous and her guttapusalu style is impeccable.


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Rekha , the eternal dream girl, flawlessly flaunts the guttapusalu necklace on her elegant kanjeevaram. Brides, learn from the best and follow her style.


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We would love to borrow this bride’s statement guttapusalu necklace. We adore the bride’s entire bridal ensemble! Its bold and beautiful like her!


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The guttapusalu is very versatile. It adopts to the ensemble you wear. Here, it looks as delicate and as elegant as the bride’s kanjeevaram.


Source: Shriyak

Doesn’t she look perfect in her pithani saree and her guttapusalu necklace. She looks daring, royal and sophisticated like a princess from another age.


Source: Sri Raja Rani Jewellers

We love hoe the pearl droplets in this guttapusalu haram is combined with green beads. It is unique and one of a kind design.


Source:The memory writer

The bride looks like royalty in her perfect saree and gutapusalu jewellery, we love her entire style quotient- grant, elegant and royal.