A Wedding Which Stands By The Term

A Wedding Which Stands By The Term "Love Begins With War"

For Amritha who studied in the UK and came down to Bangalore in 2013, a friend recommended she take up a job at a company whereas she had absolutely zero interest of going. Also, there happened to be so much in store that made her life worth-while.Read more to know about what Amritha shared with Shopzters with regard to her very charming wedding story.

A lady took my interview and told me that the director of the company will be seeing me soon. I thought it was going to be an old man but it was him, my prince charming. His name is Ganesh. We started off on a rough note, I must say. I was quite rude to him in the interview and he still hired me. When I took the job, I thought my life is going to be miserable. But I soon realized that we had a lot in common. Meanwhile, we went out for lunches, spoke a lot and got to know a lot about each other. In October 2013, we started seeing each other and a year after we let our parents know about our relationship. On my birthday last year, he asked me out for my hand in marriage. We got engaged in February and our wedding was destined to be in August. We had 5 events planned for the wedding and every event was spot on.

1.The first event, the pre- wedding brunch was mainly for our friends. It took place at the Hi-ultra lounge, Bangalore. I wore a plain magenta gown from Millennial mode and my makeup was by Anuritha Chandrappa. Ganesh wore a White blazer and pants from Zara.   

2.The second event was Haldi, which happened at home. My saree was from Angadi silks, Bangalore. The reason for me to choose Angadi was that they have an exquisite collection of traditional Kanchipuram silks. They have unique sets of designs that can’t be found anywhere else.  My jewelry was from Navratan. They have the best temple jewelry in town. Décor was by Ohana. They have a store in Bangalore and they usually tie up only with wedding planners. Fortunately I met them with my friend and I am happy that I chose them. They do not over- charge or restrict stuff. They do exactly what you want and are always open to suggestions. Their output is 200 times better. And nobody believed the output was at such a cost effective value while it looked triple times how much we paid.

3.The third event was that of Mehendi that took place at the Bangalore club which was for a very close circle of friends and family. My outfit was again from Millennial mode and my makeup was by Anuritha Chandrappa.

4.The fourth and the fifth events were that of the Reception, followed by the Muhurtham. The reception took place at the Palace grounds, Vruksha. Decorations were by Ohana. They infused a Moroccon theme with chandeliers and candles. My outfit was designed by Ayva design studio and Ganesh’s outfits were from Samyak.

5. As for the muhurtham, it was a temple wedding. The interiors of the mandap were like that of a temple and hence I chose my jewelry from Navratan in accordance with the mood of a temple. My saree and Ganesh’s silk dhothi and shirt were from Angadi silk. My wedding makeup was done by Anchal balraj.

Both the makeup artists have done an amazing job in making me look natural and flawless. For a person who doesn’t like to wear makeup, they made me retain my true essence. Moreover, I knew them through my friends and that made me all the more comfortable working with them.

Photography was by @the-candid-pictures#.They are the best and I loved the way they captured our wedding. Ram Lakshman catered for our wedding and we loved all the food spreads.

I would collar-up and say that everything right from planning and executing the events were done by me. I did not like when people say sit up, take rest and don’t do any work. The best part is being able to execute all the work and enjoy being a bride.