BFF Goals - Ideas to Prank your Friend On The Day Of The Wedding

BFF Goals - Ideas to Prank your Friend On The Day Of The Wedding

Is it your friend’s wedding? Or your sibling’s maybe? Remember those times when your friend used to prank you in school. What’s better than getting back at them with a prank on their Wedding day?

Weddings are a time of joy, reunion, traditions, family and most importantly, fun. While there is a lot of stress in the air, there is also a share of humor, joy, and love. Make those wedding moments even more memorable for your friend and for everyone else. When everyone is under the pressure of ensuring everything goes perfect, a playful prank on your friend’s wedding day can be perfect to add a bit of versatility to the whole atmosphere. So, here are a few wedding pranks that your friend will never forget you played on them.


Hiding the Groom’s Shoes

From northern weddings to the southern weddings, every wedding has adopted this enjoyable tradition of hiding or stealing the groom’s shoes. The groom has to take off his shoes for the marriage ceremony in the mandap. Take advantage and steal the shoes. To retrieve the missing shoes, the groom will have to shell out some cash to the girls. This is the most playful and interesting prank ever.

Wedding Objection Prank

Well this one is another delightful wedding prank and might also lead to widening of eyes and making people sweat due to awkwardness of it all. Someone from audience can just act like a fake girlfriend/boyfriend to object and oppose the wedding just to add a bit of drama and emotion to it and once you have been successful in making everyone skip that beat, the truth can be revealed.
Note: The actor must run for his/her life because why do think people will spare you?

Surprise Wedding Dance

Do you remember watching those Tollywood movies where the guests in the wedding often break out into a perfectly organized dance? Try doing that at your friend’s wedding. Get a couple of your friends or relatives and perform a rather wacky dance right in the middle of the party to elevate the mood. Not only will this add a dash of excitement but it will be an unforgettable experience.

The Naughty chair Prank

Time to hide some crazy things into cushions and put them underneath the chairs and ask the guests to sit on those chairs and pose for photographs. The awkward and funny noises will do their work and ensure a riot of laughter all around.

Hire an Impersonator Prank

This is one of the coolest prank and the excitement of guests present at your wedding will be worth it all. You can fool your guests by hiring a celebrity look-alike for your wedding. Imagine your guests’ expressions when they would be thinking they just saw superstar Rajnikanth at your wedding. Picture their shock when they realize it was all a prank and add some smiles and laughter to those beautiful faces.

Weddings can be a lot of fun if you add a little bit of excitement and joy to the event. Few pranks here and there are definitely what you need to brighten up the entire mood. So, when you’re pranking your friend, make sure you record the entire event so you can savor each moment later on.

So, are you going to prank your friend at their wedding to make it the most memorable and funny event for them?