A Heartwarming Tale of Love, Hope and Acceptance!

A Heartwarming Tale of Love, Hope and Acceptance!

As a writer, I have come across many a love stories with a beautiful tale to tell, but this one sure caught me off guard. At a time in this world, where all we hear is of toxicity and negativity, a story like this is truly a breath of fresh air.

Meet Gautham and Preethi. Their story is proof that there is life after love.

Preethi got married early on and gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Riya, the love of her life two years later! Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in her marriage. Ever since then, it has been extremely difficult being a single mother having to fend for herself and her daughter in a country that views divorcees through an archaic lens. But beyond all odds, Preethi successfully runs her own fashion boutique!

Cue, Gautham.

Gautham was a young successful businessman professionally and his parents were scouring through their friends’ circle and matrimonial sites, on the lookout for a girl so he could get hitched in the next year or two!

Though Preethi and Gautham have been family friends for over 15 years, they only met occasionally for functions and weddings. He was well aware of everything she underwent in the past.

But October 11th was the day that was going to change their lives forever!

They met over dinner with one of Gautham’s cousins and would have probably had a chat for all of 10 minutes but ever since then, began texting each other. They realised how aligned their thoughts, tastes, values and morals were.

Gautham made sure he was never explicitly public about their offline communication, lest any relatives make remarks or speculate about their relationship. He knew if he was serious about this he had to do it right.

As time progressed, close to the month of January, he knew she was the one he had to spend the rest of his life with. He did not want any ill-remarks or banter to do the rounds based on their relationship from either side, hence convinced the family about their union and respectfully asked for all of their blessings. Gautham describes this as the single bravest thing he did and it was a euphoric sense of accomplishment! He simply puts it saying- “Both Preethi and Riya have given me so much to live for. It only makes sense to do this for the ones who are worth the extra mile!”

Preethi, completely oblivious to all this was suddenly taken aback when he finally popped the question to her in mid-Jan. The first thought that ran across her mind was her daughter but he had planned everything to the last detail. How can one say no to a dignified gallant proposal of this sort?

The most beautiful surprise out of all this is the rapport between Gautham, his family and Riya. They share a bond like no other and even during the engagement, it is Riya who beamed with excitement and pride more than anyone else!

Kudos to Preethi, for having the courage to come out and tell her story like this! It is indeed extremely hard for a divorcee to not be scanned and judged especially when she wants to get remarried with a child. But she is a fine example of how one should wear their story like a battle scar and move forward with strong willpower.

And kudos to Gautham, for Preethi now, has a life filled with happiness and love. And Riya finally has a father-figure, she can look up to. He was always the missing piece in their puzzle and he definitely is a fine example of how every man should be!

And most of all, it is the progressive outlook of Gautham’s family that has made this beautiful union the most seamless and effortless! To look past the fact that Preethi already has a child from a previous marriage yet accepted her with open arms with love and adoration is incredibly admirable!

It is, of course, safe to say, that Preethi is finally living her life to the fullest, showered with lots of love and now blessed with a complete family! Riya even started doodling the usual portraits that she does of her mother and herself, now with Gautham as a part of it! Riya is ecstatic about their union and cannot wait for the wedding!

Preethi and Gautham celebrated their union with a beautiful engagement ceremony in Taj Clubhouse, a prelude to their much-anticipated wedding. These are the details of the elegant do-

Blouse by- Riya by Preethi Raj

Makeup by Sringa- Kabooki MUA

Photography by Siva- Lights and Shadows

Decor by Preeti- Mehak

Jewellery by- Challani and Devraj Nensee

And to quote Preethi- “Choosing to marry a divorcee and giving Riya and me a family, acceptance, respect without judgment is breaking every stereotypical standard set by society. All it requires is one person’s mindset to break the social barrier and set a new path for others to follow. Gautham has brought in sunshine into my dull and gloomy existence and has chosen to wholeheartedly give Riya the paternal love and affection she craved. I truly and sincerely pray that there are more such Gauthams out there bringing sunshine into the lives of divorcee mothers and their children.”

And so we request YOU, our Shopzters family. Please help and support single mothers and divorcees, do not shun them from our society. This change can only be made as a community and we sincerely pray this is not a one in a million kind of occurrence.