A Hyderabadi Tale Of Love

A Hyderabadi Tale Of Love

Every girl out there dreams of finding her Prince Charming, the one who she can share every experience with, be it good or bad. But only few of us really do hit this jackpot. 
Here is our gorgeous bride Harshitha Reddy who is going to share her exciting journey of how she met her Mr. Right!

Preetham and I both met through our family friends on 4th Dec 2016. Though it was a very formal meeting, with both our families also present, we spoke for close to 5 hours, completely losing track of time and it felt as if we had known each other forever! There was a spark in the air and we knew it! That very day we knew we were meant to be together. The next day on the 5th of December, there was big unanimous YES from the both of us and our elders too and there began our journey together.

Very soon our elders decided to fix ‘our big day’ and it was 5th March 2017. We hardly had 3 months for the wedding preparations. As they say, the time spent before wedding with your fiancé is always memorable and is cherished throughout our lives. So we both decided to make the best of the memories in the limited time. Every weekend Preetham would come to Hyderabad to meet me, introduce each other’s friends, hang out and go out shopping!

I started searching for venue, decor, jewellery and makeup artist for all my events and completed my jewellery and saree shopping with my mother and mother in law. I already planned lot of things prior to meeting my groom (haha) so planning the wedding in the short span was made a little easier. And with the support of my parents, in-laws and Preetham, executing it all was a joyful experience!

Our celebrations began on 29th Jan 2017. It was Lagna Patrica at my place. In this event they write the wedding date on wedding card on a good auspicious day. After this ceremony is when they start distributing wedding cards and inviting friends and family. I wore my grandmothers saree so that I could feel her presence and blessing on that day. Then my mother in law presented a Kanchi pattu half saree which was from @prakashsilksandsarees#, Kanchipuram. Wedding cards were designed by Renu Rao from Deckle Edge. We all loved the simplicity and creativity of the cards. 

The whole month of 2017 was full of fun and frolic! Both our friends’ circles threw us amazing Bachelor parties! He had his party in Chennai and mine was in Hyderabad itself. We had our pre-wedding photo shoot by Gracian Nalin (@scintilight-creations#) who was from Chennai. During the 2 days of shoot, we got so comfortable with him and he had taken some amazing shots. I got my outfit from Vaishali and Preetham got it from Tailor Man Hyderabad.

My Makeup was done by Sohini Ghanate from @soh-touch-makeup-artistry-sohini#. She made me look my best and gave me different looks for all the events and it was Ruby who did my hair dos for all the events. Photography was done by @rvr-pro# and I have to thank Priya CEO, Nagaraju, Sandeep and Karthik- Photographers and Sneha, Manasa and Nimra from production team for their great output. I bought my bangles from Bangles & More by Reshma. She is very creative and she understood my requirement and customized it accordingly. Vaishali from Vaishlai Courture is my favourite designer from Hyderabad because she truly understands customers’ desires and preferences and does it.

Our Sangeet was on 25th Feb 2017 at Marakesh Convention, Hyderabad. Sangeet choreography was done by our friend Mahesh Kumar Katta and he did an amazing job with a lot of patience. All our family and friends practiced for the event and this was one of the best times ever! Decor was done by Sandhya Reddy and I wore PAPA DONT PREACH designer lehenga and paired it with a peplum top by them and my jewellery was from Sri Mahalakshmi Jewellers. Preetham wore an Indo-western outfit designed by Ram.

Next Event was our engagement. It was on March 1st 2017 at Mountain Heights, Shilparamam. The day before I decided to surprise him by getting a tattoo on my ring finger with our Nickname initials- RM and boy, was he was thrilled seeing it on that day! I have to thank Sandhya Reddy, who did my décor. It was so elegant! I wore Kanchi Pattu saree from @tulsi-silks-1#, Chennai and the blouse was done by Vaishali Couture in Hyderabad. Jewellery was from Vittal Das jewellers, Hyderabad. Preetham’s attire was designed Ram again and my Charminar design on my engagement lehanga was also done by Ram.  I love Hyderabad and I am a true Hyderabadi, so I wanted to express my love for it on the lehanga. I had Charminar motifs on my fabric bangles and for our next change I had thread bangles with our names written on it and it was done by Reshma from Bangles & more. His footwear was from Da Milano.

Then came our Mehendi & Mocktail’s on 3rd March 2017. I had chosen Bhavna Parekh ji as my mehendi artist. She was very famous in Hyderabad and on top of that she was very sweet as well. Décor was again done by Sandhya Reddy. I wore an @anushree-reddyclothing# lehanga and Preetham’s attire was designed by Ram and footwear by Ruosh.  Ram had designed for all my family members for different events too. The day turned out to be so much fun with lots of boomerangs, dancing and drinks!

On 4th March 2017 it was my Bridal-making ceremony (Pellikuthuru) at my place and Preetham also had his Groom-making ceremony (Pellikoduku) at his place. Again decor was done by Sandhya Reddy. Early morning we had haldi ceremony at our respective places and it was a fun event. I wore Kanchi Pattu saree from @tulsi-silks-1# and blouse from Vaishali and the tradition is to wear a veil on this day and that too was designed by Vaishali. I had vintage car and gramophone motifs on my saree, so Reshma had done the same motifs on my thread bangles and Vaishali had designed the motifs on my blouse. Preetham’s attire was by Ram. Jewellery was from Kysa Lakshmi Narayana Jewellers.

The Big Day- 5th March 2017, the ceremonies were held at FORT GRAND, Hyderabad. Wedding decor was done by Verma & team and they did a splendid job with everything. I wore a Kanchi Pattu saree from @tulsi-silks-1#, Chennai and blouse and veil by Vaishali. Jewellery was from Sri Mahalakshmi, Hyderabad. Preetham wore a Kurta, Dhothi and Dupatta designed By @bhargavi-kunnam#, Hyderabad. We are thankful to Bhargavi for her work as it was the best. After our marriage, we had bharaat on that night where we danced like crazy and I had a grand welcome to my new house.

We had a Pooja at both our houses after the wedding and again my sarees were from Tulsi Silks and Blouses were from Vaishali. Vaishali had done beautiful Telugu Bride and Groom design work on my blouse, which showed her creativity.

Our last event was our Reception on 6th March 2017 at Sidd Convention Centre, Hyderabad. I wore a @shantanu-nikhil-hyderabadclothing# and jewellery was from Sri Mahalakshmi, Hyderabad. Preetham wore a three-piece suit from Tailor Man Hyderabad, footwear from Ruosh and belt from Salvatore Ferragamo. As it was the last event we had a great time dancing and enjoying all night.

A quick Bridal Tip:

Believe me, if something goes wrong, only you will know it. So relax and enjoy your “Big Day”!