The Beautiful, Bubbly, Bride-to-be Gets Engaged!

The Beautiful, Bubbly, Bride-to-be Gets Engaged!

In the beginning of our conversation with Sharanya Balu itself, we knew this was going to be an energetic, lively experience! Full of expressions, and emotions, we felt like we were actually with her during the engagement! From the person that she is, to her meeting with Krish and their engagement, in her own words, here is Sharanya!

This is the longest wedding bell which is still ringing in our family. Let's say a year full of wedding stories! It was my turn to hear ‘hey she is getting engaged’! I'm the oldest among the five sisters so you can imagine the excitement that is going around in the family! All my relatives kept saying it's just not the bride who is going to shine but the other four to play ash on account of the engagement!

I have always been the expression queen of the family so like every one can imagine I wanted my wedding memories to be cute but witty! Coordinating and arranging things was easier as I have been dreaming about every event even before they could find my match! My family gave me total freedom to do things the way I want, so did Krish. He played it cool by nodding his head to every detail I wanted for our engagement.

So before we head to the details on where I bought what, let me tell you a little about my partner and me. Ours is a totally arranged marriage. Krish and I don’t even have mutual family friends, so I feel so blessed to have found my soul mate! He is actually at Auckland. So when he flew down here, we spoke for a week, and I was surprised with how much we had in common! We share the same personality traits too! The both of us are very social, we get along well with everyone and we have a lot of friends! The best part was, my parents and all my friends get along with him so well! They like him and they were like ‘You hit the jackpot’ and I couldn’t agree more!  

Saree: So I went saree hunting and it was quite difficult to narrow down to one saree, so I picked two sarees for my engagement. One was a traditional yellow/ pink combination and the other was a red/green combination. Both were from @psr#, Coimbatore.

Jewellery: Now that saree was done I moved on to pick my jewellery to compliment my attire. I went to two stores, @suman-jewellery# and @joy-allukas# to buy jewellery for my two sarees. The pink saree I got from my in-laws was from Jaya Lakshmi, Cochin.

Makeup: So now I had confusion as to who to book for my make-up and that took a while as my wedding was fixed in a very short period. I had my artist, Divya from Bangalore and they did a great job! You can see the outcome in my pictures.

Mehendi: Meetha from Coimbatore did the Mehendi. I loved her work!

Invitations: Priyadarshini, Coimbatore.

Décor: Arranging the decorators, caterer and Photographer was next! Like I mentioned earlier being with so many sisters is so much fun! They decided to have an engagement Mehendi ceremony. It was a small get together for our sisters. We had a cute budgeted décor and the idea was insisted by my cousin and I was thrilled as I had the small idea too! We went to buy the required material and so my sister and I would take credit of the arrangement! *wink wink

For my Engagement, the décor, makeup and music was arranged by of  Flora Wedding Planners.

Photographer: Pictures are memories and memories speak a lot! I had two photographers one from Kerala and @raguram-photography# from Coimbatore! You will see my pictures to see their work I have nothing to comment as pictures speak their work!

Groom: He picked a cream suit from Jaya Lakshmi, Kerala and his checklist was done!