10 Malayali Brides Who Easily Carried All The Gold

10 Malayali Brides Who Easily Carried All The Gold

Malayali brides are known to pick layers of gold to sport on their wedding day, despite the varying options available and managed to look absolutely stunning. We bring to you 10 such Malayali brides who surprised us with their boldness to carry off the traditional gold in the most graceful manner.

Layer the Golden Chains                      Read her wedding story here Stack it up with Matching Bangles

13243987_1756268367940818_6865446500469261460_o                      Shot by Jackson James Mix and Match with Diamond Strings

                  Picture Source : Weva Photography

                  Picture Source : Coconut Wedding Cinemas

                   Picture Source : Chamayam]

Delicate Strings that Compliment                     Picture Source : Studio A 

Pair Subtle Trinkets                                                12986992_558517787642954_2039750282680537668_n                                                                   Picture Source : Iumiere wedding company

A Traditional Goddess                                               12375262_1224902927525964_7808864864853797321_o                                                                    Picture Source : Weva Photography

Begin and End with a Similar Design                         10929084_1581095062124817_6544093886186999369_n                                                               Picture Source : Jackson James

Find the Elegance in Glittering                                                                                              Picture Source : Sol Brothers