12 Ideas To Make Your Wedding A Rustic One

12 Ideas To Make Your Wedding A Rustic One

Who wouldn't love dim soft lights, pastel colors and baby breath flowers inside lit-up jars the old fashioned way? Well we just mentioned a whole lot of Rustic for a Rustic Themed Weddings that are trending right now! These amazing pictures are going to help you tweak your minds to think more creative for your Big Day! Roll with us on this one! Yours could be the best Themed Wedding ever! A dull composure of lights and good old wooden doors make great Rustic Frames if you're looking for one! 

Photo Courtesy :The Memory Writers


The lights that you use for your decors sort of set then whole theme spot on! Soft lights and string lights with even rustic or rugged looks on outfits make a beautiful Rustic Theme.  Photo Courtesy : Siraj khan Photography   Hanging lights and contrast colored outfits that match the flower arrangements are the perfect kind! Grooms will love it because most of them are man-friendly and wouldn't have to think twice.


Photo Courtesy : Studio A   Even the Venue matters when you're putting together a Rustic Theme Wedding. If it's an outdoor wedding, be sure to add dim shots of lights and center pieces here and there. The Bride and Groom can go in for pastel colors for Wedding Outfits.

Rustic Wedding 4

Photo Courtesy : Studio A   A blunt bling or otherwise not too much bling goes well with Rustic Themes. Take a step back in time, keep the trend alive but also, add the precious good ol' factors to the Wedding. They make great Rustic Themes.

Photo Courtesy :Studio A   Soft Sunlight shades make amazing impact on a Rustic Theme! And definitely those 'Baby Breath' flowers for decors make it scream Rustic!


Photo Courtesy :Studio A  Off White or Sandal shades go well with lights with lesser warmth. These combinations make amazing Rustic frames.


Photo Courtesy : ZG Studios  If your outfit is on a Black and White combination, make it more elegant with some yellow lights that can build a Rustic frame around the theme.


Photo Courtesy :Studio A   Pastel colors with dull combinations make a Rustic Theme come alive on the frame, soft lighst are sure a trick the Photographers would love experimenting on.


Photo Courtesy : Priyavision Sabari Photography   Natural night lights or even lights with lesser warmth tone bring out the Rustic look to the shots they even give raw edges that adds to the theme.

Rustic Wedding 12

Photo Courtesy :�Priyavision Sabari Photography

Glowing lights and gold in the back definitely add to the old looks of the theme.

Rustic Wedding 13

Photo Courtesy :�Priyavision Sabari Photography

The trick that the couple needs to work on, for Rustic theme Weddings is the colors on the frame. Pastel colors against contrast colors, under soft lights can bring rustic to a whole new level!

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