13 Exotic Backdrop Ideas To Ace Up Your Big day In Style

13 Exotic Backdrop Ideas To Ace Up Your Big day In Style

Backdrops are the most important part of weddings these days. It's been a ritual to keep up with pace and are always a compulsory to be much in vogue. These backdrops that we are about to witness are absolutely exotic and ooze of vibrance. Backdrops that include flowers, patterns of elegance, sights of being exuberant and are leaving all of us much at wow. These backdrops shot by @vipin# will help you ace up your big days in sheer style.

This one looks so easily attractive. This serves the purpose of being traditionally exotic.    

This set-up looks like they've been amidst a very beautiful wild forest.

This decor feels like a royal vineyard graced by the king and the queen.

A decor that matches the outfit of the bride so well. With bright hues, much apt for a trendy set up. 

For the love of elephants and everything mighty, this decor is absolutely amusing.

Simplicity and elegance, this decor is a must have for all the lovers of simplicity and absolute sheer.

A quirky-ly designed backdrop for a couple who love to take the wild risk of being modern.

A lavender forest has just been ripped off and fixed here to accompany this beautiful bride on her big day.

Just two shades, white and red which are enough to express and describe love more than anything else.

Hands down on this one, this decor looks absolutely divine.

With annapakshis gracing the backdrop, this one's charming and elegant all at once. 

A royal chandelier that leads to a back drop full of lovely flowers. We vouch for this one.

This decor is inspired from the Kumari Kandam and is our absolute favourite.