14 Tiara Ideas You Can Try At Your Mehendi And Reception!

14 Tiara Ideas You Can Try At Your Mehendi And Reception!

Wedding ceremonies are meant to make the bride feel special. What could be more special than wearing a crown? Wedding functions are getting more flexible by the day. Try something new and daring!

Crystal tiara

If you’re going to be in a gown, these Swarovski crystal tiaras that look like dew are lovely to say the least.


Mermaid crown

The sea is not everybody’s cup of tea. If you have a fascination for mermaids, you could find these mermaid crowns made of sea shells interesting. Especially if the colour theme of your function is turquoise blue!


Hippie tiara

We wouldn’t exactly call this hippie head gear a tiara. But again if you are the fun seeking kind who wants to dance away at your party, this is for you!


Pearl headdress

Every woman looks pretty in her pearls. If are planning to wear a pearl jewellery set, this beauty will simply fit in!


Forest fairy crown

For those of you with short hair, this is perfect! Flaunt your hair with a forest fairy crown made of dried leaves strung together. Best part? You can choose them to match the colour of your attire!


Barbie tiara

If you have bangs, the Barbie tiara makes you look sweet and charming. 


Gypsy headdress

Gypsies of the west are believed to have ancestral links in Asia. This is fairy evident in the practices they follow, even the jewellery they wear! This gorgeous hair do and tiara will go along with a gown, lehenga or even a saree.


Princess tiara

Going for the royal, elegant look? This is for you. A crown more than a tiara. One that fits perfectly on to the high hair-bun.


Feathery tiara

If going overboard with themes is your style then why not? Feathery tiaras come in different shapes and sizes. This one is for the brave ones though.


Classy tiara

Ever watched the Great Gatsby? Elite fashion in the 1920s was so classy; it will remain in vogue forever like this piece of hair jewellery.


Tropical tiara

If you’re the kind of girl who absolutely loves fresh flowers, this is what you need! Wear this Hawaiian flower crown and you won’t be able to stop smiling!


African inspired tiara

Native African women usually wear headscarves that elongate the head at the back. If that’s the kind of hairstyle you are going for, try this tiara that looks more like the Indian nethi chutti.



Roman Age

Ever found yourself mesmerised by the beauty of Helen of Troy? This headpiece inspired by ancient Roman hair jewellery will give you exactly that look you seek so dearly!


Angel tiara

If you’re wearing a simple hair-bun and dislike jewellery, this maang tikka alternate tiara will serve your purpose. Its prominence will ensure that you need no other piece of jewellery to dazzle in the crowd.

By the end of this list we are sure that you now intend to wear a little crown for your party. Which one did you like most? Tell us in comments!