20 Different Wedding Hairstyles And Floral Jewellery Inspirations

20 Different Wedding Hairstyles And Floral Jewellery Inspirations

From tradition to trends, wearing flowers on your hair, especially on your big day is a significant aspect of a South-Indian wedding. Other than symbolizing prosperity and happiness, it's an important hallmark of a bride, and it adds a natural fragrance, and also beauty and youthfulness to the bride. Flowers make you look fresh and cheerful. It completes your bridal look. And so, many brides prefer to wear a flower that matches the colour of their saree, and many like it white and fresh. We at Shopzters love these styles that brides have chosen to decorate their hair with on their special day and we are sharing it with you in the hopes of inspiring your wedding hairstyles.

The Jadai:

a) A simple long braid hairstyle with the garland that flows like waterfalls down your back, will give you a homely South-Indian look.


b)Hair accessories embedded in flowers down the length of your braid mixes tradition and grandeur in one hairdo.


c) A golden jadai flowing from rings of jasmine flowers looks simple and elegant.


d) Wrapping your braid in fresh white flowers alone can be festive.


e) A delicate lattice work of flower buds that contains the thick plait is enticing.


f) Yellow roses to match a yellow saree slowly trickling down to small, thin stream in an elegant fashion.


2. The Kondai (updo hairstyles):

g) A tight hair bun containing your tresses up with a single studded hair accessory in the centre, and flowers around your updo gives a neat look that will stay in place during the numerous times you need to exchange your poo malai with the groom.


h) Covering the entire updo hairstyle in flowers gives a rich look that will make everyone's eye pop out in a pleasant surprise.


i) Braiding your hair and then tying it up makes you look youthful and flowers only marking half of its circumference in a crescent shape makes it a little trendy and stylish.

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3. A cross-over:

j) Curling up your hair pulling it in a stylish updo and adding a single string of flowers that matches your saree fulfils traditional nuances in a trendy fashion.


k) A sophisticated updo hairstyle with a couple of roses tucked behind an ear is so gorgeous, isn't it?


l) It looks very much like a yesteryear heroine


m) The half-up-half-down hairdo with streaks of blue flowers to match her blue saree is nice and minimalistic


n) Tightly braiding your hair towards one side and tucking in flowers along the ridges of the braid looks like someone placed a flower crown


o) A slightly casual braid with a singular flower pleated along the length casually, is so simple and pretty


p) An updo with a strand or two hanging down and a couple of petals tucked in your curls with a casual indifference, so graceful.


q) A fishtail braid with a single rose tucked behind an ear looks trendy and is suitable for small but significant rituals


r) Let your hair down with just a few strands pulled back from falling on your face and tuck flowers along its length, and it will look like a Grecian floral crown.