5 Ideas For Couples To Have Fun At Their Wedding!

5 Ideas For Couples To Have Fun At Their Wedding!

Weddings don’t have to be fun for just the guests. The Star-Couple can have their bit of fun as well. Here’s some fun tricks and ploys to get you started. 

1) Henna Tattoos—
Ask your Mehendi artist to add the first letter of his name and of yours somewhere in the design. Casually mention it to him at the wedding, but don’t tell him where, and make sure no one else is within earshot. Keep him guessing until he have to trace your Mehendi designs to find it.

2) Piñata—
This is an Adults-Only game where you set up a Piñata, and fill it with Candies. Hoist it a just a tad out of the player’s reach and take turns trying to beat/tear it with a stick.
And when the contents rain down, haul as much as can before everybody else and run.

3) First dance—
Spontaneously busting out a dance move at your Sangeet is one thing. But how about a first dance as a newly-wed couple? It is not in our tradition, sure, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate it in our Wedding events. It will be both romantic and entertaining to dance with your Spouse. Plus, the guests might join the fun.
You can learn a romantic routine like waltzing, or if you like something fast and saucy, Salsa or Tango, perhaps. If you don’t have the time or if you’re not in the same country prior to your wedding, that’s alright. You can always hold each other close and simply sway to a slow song at your reception.

4) Karaoke—
You know, they’re always asking the potential bride, if she knows how to sing or cook when these aunties go to her house to ask her hand in marriage.
So return the favour, kick up your heels, and ask these aunties to sing-along to some filmy tunes at your wedding in honour of (but really just to entertain) the bride and the groom.
And maybe, be ready to sing a duet with your Bride/Groom. Even if you can’t really sing, you can always pretend to be a tone-deaf Rock-star, doing air-guitars, and making faces as you sing (or screech.)

5) The kissing thief—
As the bride and the groom, you guys are the stars of the show. Every second you’re out there in your “kalyana kolam” they’re following you with their eyes. And like celebrities, in every move you make, in every breath you take- a camera goes off. So keep an eye out for a moment(s) when no one (or at least no elders) is looking your way, and steal a kiss or two from your beautiful/handsome bride/groom.

Or as a last resort, send pecks through tiny tots.