5 important tips to choose your makeup artist

5 important tips to choose your makeup artist

Your make-up will play a big role in defining how you look on your special day and in the pictures that will last long after. Your aunts and cousins aren't professional artists, a professional artist on the other hand, will know how to highlight your flattering features and hide your flaws so they aren't visible on camera. So we bring to you some basic points to keep in mind while you choose your make-up artist: Amar Ramesh (15)

Close to comfort Your make-up artist is going to be your companion through all your sudden pre-wedding skin problems and ache outbreaks. You should have a comfortable equation with the person who has the responsibility to make you look good on your special day. So pick a make-up artist who you know and can hold a conversation with, stay distracted from the pre-wedding jitters and discuss your sensitive skin problems. Zero  Gravity  (62) Availability matters Pick an artist who can give you time and stay for the entire event, in case of fallouts or make-up mishaps. He/she should be available and ease your nerves if make-up retouching is required. Since India's weather is known to be tricky and unpredictable, you might sweat too much and need your artist's assistance.

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Budget woes A lot of money has been spent on the bride's clothing and jewellery already, so try keeping your make-up artist on a budget. The trick is to try and get a package with your artist, so he can work with you for 3-4 functions and probably give you a discount. Soumya Radesh Photography (29) Experienced hand The artist doesn't need to be exceptionally experienced but even 2-3 years in the industry should be enough. However, make sure you have seen his or her work before, on a bride in an Indian avatar. Please bring to your artist's notice if you have sensitive skin, any skin diseases or any persistent skin problems in the past, it'll help them prepare lighter make-up for your skin. Fotozone (32)

Trial and error Ask your artist for a trial before letting them do your make-up on your wedding day. You don't want an artist who doesn't understand your needs, and gives you loud make-up when you want to be subtle and vice versa. Also, keep on your make-up for a while so you know what it looks like, how long it lasts and if you need any changes.