50 Visa Free Travel Destinations!

50 Visa Free Travel Destinations!

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With travel becoming an integral part in the present global scenario, Shakthi Tours & Travels brings to you, the best packages to ensure people have their best vacations and travel assistance. Recognized and Highly acclaimed as the "Best International and Domestic Tour operators in Chennai", they handle more than 10,000 passengers annually! In a series of blog posts that deal with travel, here comes the first and the most important post :) If you thought travelling abroad was an endless parade of paper work and visa applications, this news should positively delight you. There are now over 50 countries which lets you hop on a plane with your beau and pick up your visa on arrival! That's right, it is that much easier to decide on the most important holiday of your lives. With these countries opening their arms to Indians, the Desi dreams of an exotic honeymoon looks bright. Let's quickly run through the 50!  

Hitting the waters

North American usually begins with burgers and ends with tacos for us. But a world of untapped adventure waits in the small coastal pockets of the continent. Jamaica, El Salvador, Saint Kitts, Nevis and St Lucia are lesser heard names but that only adds to their exotic charm. They are gorgeous in the summer with their trademark golden sands, glinting waters and thickets of forests. So put on your beach shorts and head out to the music-rich, cheery and balmy Caribbean.


On the other side of the map, the even remote beauties of South American charm, Bolivia and Guyana call to the beach goer's senses. Blissful blues and white sandy beaches opening out to old colonial towns making for a wonderful getaway. The tropical waters of Asia-Pacific are a spectacle to view all through the year. The marble skies and cozy air pack a great atmosphere for a honeymoon destination. And the good news? Four of these countries offer a visa on arrival for Indians. Summer hats out and flip flops packed? Good. Now get those tickets to Fiji, Samoa, Nauru and Tuvalu.



Asia is uttered almost in the same breath as shopping. Let's not forget the largest, most intriguing of all continents has carved itself out to be a shopper's paradise. The night lights and fever pitch energy of Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Lebanon, Jordan, Maldives and the booming little hub Laos never fades. And now they have waved the green flag for Indians. Whip out your credit cards and get ready for the honeymoon of your dreams! These countries hardly sleep, busy and bright all year just the way it should be.



 Nature stops

Africa really is a lesser-known wonder. This is probably why it is quickly gaining ground as an idyllic travel destination away from the thronging crowds. The song birds and forests of Madagascar and Ethiopia and the paradise-like green blues of Seychelles, Mozambique and Mauritius make even the most travel-averse couple plan an impulsive trip. Other African countries like Kenya, Djibouti, Guinea-Bisau, Sao Tome, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Cape Verde, Gambia and Togo are also no longer vague names on a map. They are thriving holiday destinations which may not be all that hard to venture out to after all! Because the song birds bring good news. These nations are welcoming you honeymoon bugs with visa-on arrival as well. One condition always applies though - being an Indian citizen, of course!


African Elephant Wallpapers (3)

Popular spots

Countries like Egypt, Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste have plenty to offer in the culture and tourism department, making for interesting honeymoon trips filled with exploration. So it comes as no surprise they get so much footfall every year. They probably want to keep it that way too, seeing as they've welcomed Indian tourists by joining the bandwagon as well!


Although packing and planning will vastly differ between these places, the lax of visa rules have made the idea of a hassle free travel so wonderfully appealing. The list doesn't end just here. There are some more exotic countries that also tail this list. So now you have a big, seemingly infinite list of all these interesting places buzzing in your brain, with each looking even better than the other. But the secret is, any vacation becomes the best when it's your honeymoon.


Oh and as promised, here's the rest of the list: Albania, Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Congo DR, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Eritrea, Israel, Khazakhstan, Krysgyztan, Liberia, Mali, Myanmar, Mongolia, Sierra Leone, Suriname, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. Bon Voyage! 



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