9 Anklet Designs To Step Into Married Life In Style!

9 Anklet Designs To Step Into Married Life In Style!

From babies to young damsels, from hipsters to house wives, we all love our anklets. This gorgeous piece of jewellery is often ignored when you go wedding shopping. But why? Even your wedding video will have close up shots of your feet as you enter the Kalyana Mandapam or wedding premises! Play close attention to what your feet looks like at least a week before the day. Well pedicured? With the right nail paint colour? Do you want them to have henna on them? Do you have the right pair of anklets that look great and you are comfortable with? We’ll help you with that. Here are some trending styles of bridal anklets. Enjoy!

Kundan anklets

We love these beauties! If its kundan jewellery you are wearing, these anklets are indispensable! You can easily find a pair that matches perfectly with your jewellery.


Love tinkling anklets? These ghungroo type anklets are the way to go and every step you take will be music to the ears!

Hasli anklets

For some strange reason, Hasli anklets are yet to be popular with Indian brides. Maybe you can set the trend! Unlike their jingly counterparts, hasli anklets look bold and sophisticated.

Pearl Anklets

These anklets add a delicate touch to your feet making them look softer and more feminine. If that’s the look you are going for, look no further!

Gold anklets

Gold anklets are bridal favourites! With every other piece of jewellery in gold, why stop at the feet?

Silver anklets

Anklets in silver are the most popular kinds found in India. They are even believed to have certain medicinal properties!

Anklets embedded with stones

If Kundan anklets are not your style, try these. Anklets embedded with stones with coleus that match your saree! What more can you ask for?

Delicate Payal

Wish to keep it light and simple? The elegant payal will do the work. It’s the perfect choice for non-gaudy, classy attires.

Tattooed anklet

For the truly rebellious brides out there, try these temporary tattoo anklets instead of wearing one! We bet this will be more comfortable than any other anklet options we have discussed so far.