9 Beautifully Worked Pink Blouses For Every Bride

9 Beautifully Worked Pink Blouses For Every Bride

Pink, bright pink, baby pink, dazzling pink, are just some of the amazing shades of the pretty pink palette that posses the ability to fuse with any other colour. When different coloured embellishements are paired with a dazzling pink blouse, they bring out an aura of grace, beauty, elegance, austerity add a dash of excellent photography and the result is something incredibly unique.

The photographs show the craftsmanship, bringing out a sense of beauty in pink blouses that stands out in each woman. Saree, a piece of clothing for some but an emotion and a feeling for most Indian women. With the modern women adorning themselves with splendid works of art, they bring out their traditional roots and combine it with their modern thinking, giving rise to something more than just an attire, something truly, perfect.

The dreamy PINKscape that contrasts beautifully with the green hues.

Photo Credits : Studio 31 

An entry that’s unforgettable, only possible with a deadly combo of pink and green.

Photo Credits : Yeluguri Entertainment

Green and pink, combined with gold, the perfect trio. 

Photo Credits : Klik Pictures

A saree is a designer’s canvas and the blouse his perfect backdrop!

Photo credits : Duet Photography 

A fusion of soft pink and cool blue, simply perfect.

Photo Credits : Memory Lanes

A teal shade entwined with pink love a perfect match for a lady with grace.

Photo Credits : Dot DN Studios 

Her killer gaze becomes all the more appealing with the checked pink blouse and the purple saree

Photo Credits : Bhargavi 

A golden saree for a golden smile, a pink blouse for her rosy glow!

Photo Credits : Pixpre 

Pink and yellow made all the more stunning with beautifully decorated jadai covered in gold.

Photo Credits : Minchu studios