A Dreamy Photoshoot With Kanchipuram Silk Sarees In The Himalayan Snow

A Dreamy Photoshoot With Kanchipuram Silk Sarees In The Himalayan Snow

Palam Silks is a popular South Indian destination for wedding parties looking for the best quality Kanchipuram Silk. In fact, it’s a one stop point for literally any kind of saree.

Recently, the folks from Palam Silks and Makka Photography went all the way from the sweltering heat of coastal Chennai to the snowy landscapes of the Himalayas. And for what? For you!

To show you how diverse this 5 meter wonder in silk can be! And guess what? We at Shopzters now present to you EXCLUSIVE photos from this amazing photoshoot! So inhale deep and hold your breath. You are in for a silky rollercoaster ride!


Oh the colours in this frame! Like the subtle contrast of hazlenut and dunmore cream on silk wasn’t enough, you have inlaid spotted deers in there. Indescribably beautiful!


Who thought a Kasavu Saree would work so well with fur! The golden silk adds warmth to the cold dusty landscape here.


The lustre of the fabric ingrained with gold threads is so high that the sunshine simply bounces off it! Don’t miss the rare colour combination of steel grey and peach


Haven’t you spotted it yet? Yes! It’s the mountains. Not the ones in the background, the ones at her feet! Every mountain lover must have that saree.


The best part about an unstitched garment is that it can be draped in so many different ways!


We love how the light falls in this gorgeous saree!


Combining two bright colours and making it look good is no easy feat. This blue and pink combo does exactly that.


Now here is something we really like. This piece is for all the turquoise blue and cyan fans out there looking for a cool and breezy yet traditional look.


There is something about red and gold that makes ever womans heart flutter just a little bit. Add some intricate threadwork and bold paisley prints and you have us floored!


Here comes the violet and pink dilemma. How can two colours so close together on the colour chart make such a pleasing impact on the eyes?


What is there not to love about this saree? The colours, the prints and yes the mountains!


The patterns on this saree gives it a rural touch. The pink screams trendy and the solid gold border is simply elegant.


Integrating is sapling green into a nude muted brown is an innovative saree design.


Fuchsia pink with neon hues! This saree is truly a piece of art!


The cold mettalic silver of this saree and its crushed texture is brilliant. We can’t wait to get our hands on this one!


Golden is the safe colour for any silk saree. This saree will make any bride look like she stepped down from the heavens. A safe bet if you are looking for a bridal saree!


To catch behind the scenes stories from this wonderous photoshoot stay tuned to our website.