A Wedding Fit For A Disney Princess

A Wedding Fit For A Disney Princess

Birds chirping. Leaves rustling. Brooks burbling. Sunlight pouring through the canopy of trees. Earthy smells of wet mud. These bring a sense of peace and serenity to our very soul, yeah? Now, imagine getting hitched in the middle of a jungle, ensconced in the bosom of Mother Nature. But one may think wildlife doesn't exactly say wedding destination. The guys from @vivahhika# show us it can be one, by bringing the rainforest to us.

This unique theme for a wedding affair gives us Goosebumps. Just looking at the vivid colours and the props used to decorate this Mandapam, it's as if we entered a Disney movie set.

Cue drumbeats and folksy music.  

Speaking of movie set, Vivahhika Decor have a strong design team and production team who have worked with established art directors in the industry. Their core team of three have worked day and night coming up with theme and inspiration for this one. They were given full artistic and creative freedom for this wedding, and they have come through once again

Vivahhika Decor have incorporated many elements in line with the rainforest theme. On the makeshift ceiling, they hung origami birds, empty cages and clouds with crystal raindrops ready to drip.

The contrast between the shades of green backdrop and the purple to pink overhead decor makes it pop and adds to the wow-factor.

It took 12 artists to hand-craft the clouds and days to finish the production. The cloud effect was proving to be difficult as it had the tendency to drop. But they loved and accepted the challenge. Since they couldn't assemble it outside before setting up, it was one of the issues they had to figure out by way of trial and error prior to the wedding.         

There are various attractions around the venue like fountains, a faux bayou filled with fresh colourful flowers to match the festive events, statues of birds, and towering trees. A one-of-a-kind wedding far from traditionalism for which an entire set was built from scratch. Even in movies they don't built the entire thing, only parts of it as required per frame. Making this not only a fantastic effort, but also a successful one where it transports you to a different world altogether.

Vivahhika Decor Core Team- Muralitharan, Santhosh Krishnan, and Santhosh Kumar

Photo Credits - Studio A