Adorable Bridal Portraits With Their Pet Dogs! - Part 1

Adorable Bridal Portraits With Their Pet Dogs! - Part 1

Although pets have a very short life span, they sure leave memories that last a lifetime! We literally grow with them and watch them also grow from being a tiny baby to a loyal friend who wags his tail, rushing to the front door every time we come home! Our pawed buddies are with whom we all share our highs and lows. Whether it's a bad day at school, our bosses being rude to us or just one of those days we spend over-thinking, their company makes us feel a whole lot better. We all share a unique bond with our pets, so when our relatives get invited to our wedding, isn't it natural for our pawed buddies to come as the 'Best Man' or the 'Maid of Honor'? Thanks to changing trends, nowadays, owners and venues are making weddings pet-friendly and sometimes even the invites are handed out, asking the guests to bring their pets to the wedding! 

And the result? Not only do you get to spend the best day of your life with your best friends but they make for the best-framed memories too!


This little doggo seems to be in the spirit of Holi!


What Chandbali? This pupper only sees that sparkly thing he can lick endlessly! 


From a little teen to a bride, this adorable dog has seen his best friend grow through it all!


Now this is a 'Vidaai' moment you certainly don't want to miss!


This pupper is having the time of his life, being pampered to bits when it's actually all about the bride!


How adorable are these little teddy bears! We just want to squish them! 


'Where's the camera? I am trying to hold a pose here. Woof.'


Doggos are certainly one of the main beings, a bride misses when leaving home.


Well, isn't this pupper a handsome boy with his bow-tie and all that jazz!


Look who dressed up for the best friend's wedding!


This frame is an embodiment of all the shared love, isn't it? 


This adorable Yorkie is literally a real-life teddy bear!




All the above photographs are sourced from Pinterest/ Instagram