All The Trending Ceiling Decoration Ideas You Need To Check Out!

All The Trending Ceiling Decoration Ideas You Need To Check Out!

Brides might get caught up trying to make a statement with gorgeous gold jewellery, bridal couture and elegant make-up but what truly wows your guests and creates the best first impression is the wedding décor and ceiling decorations. Here are a few hot trends you can draw inspiration from!

Decorating with Artifacts-

This is the hottest thing in décor this season. Hanging colourful artefacts such as puppets, painted pots, traditional chimes and even colourful kites make the atmosphere dashing and festive, bringing in the fun and celebratory vibe.

Bird Cages and Flower Pots-

Bringing in a quirky atmosphere for your wedding can be created by hanging simple bird cages painted in a neutral colour and decorated with flowers. Another great idea is to suspend flower pots of a particular colour scheme on the ceiling. These are out of the box ideas that are sure to impress your guests.

Glass Shades and Lights-

An easy and effective way to brighten up or mellow down the entire wedding atmosphere is by using glass shades and lights. Using shades with a tint of red, yellow and orange light up the place and give a rustic look while lights make any place merry and sunny.


Who doesn’t love a colourful ambience for their sangeeth or mehendi ceremony? The best way to get this look is by hanging decorated and colourful umbrellas from the ceiling. They are the perfect décor for a summer and spring wedding.



Tassels have created a buzz in both fashion industry and wedding décor arena.  Be it clothes, accessories or decorations, tassels make them look fun and cheery. They look quirky and elegant at the same time making them the best décor for you.

Flower decorations

Marigold Flowers-

Marigold flowers are synonymous with brightness and beauty and they light up and make the entire surrounding look chirpy and cheerful. It is a décor style that will never go out of fashion.

Orchid Flowers-

If you want your wedding décor or reception ceiling to look dignified and graceful, the obvious choice for you is to use orchids for the decoration. Be it pink, mauve, yellow or purple, they look delicate and tasteful and will create a perfect fairy tale inspired décor.

Traditional Flowers-

Nothing is classy and timeless like using traditional flowers like jasmine, roses and celosia flowers. They are a delightful blend of grandeur and elegance. They not only look good but make the entire area smell lush and fragrant. It is the best choice for wedding ceremony, and complements any colour theme you choose for your big day!