An Artfully Shot Wedding That We All Need To Check Out!

An Artfully Shot Wedding That We All Need To Check Out!

Every bride and groom want their photographer to be cutting edge and know the latest techniques and trends. But most of all, you need a person who clicks the emotional moments and the lighter moments right on time! @sanker-photography# has the perfect solution for you. They click through the lens and capture moments from their hearts.

They have noteworthy post processing and editing skill, which creates really fun photo shoot pictures that will adorn your homes.


Portraiture is not just capturing the bride and groom but also the pretty little details like the mehendi on the bride’s hands, the jewellery and the prettiest jewel of all, the bride’s smile and her sparkling eyes.

Traditional Wedding Photography

These are the pictures that capture the essence of the festivities. They cover the atmosphere with all the people involved in it. When arranged properly, they narrate a story through the captured photos.

Indoor And Outdoor Photoshoot

It’s a totally different ball game capturing the bride and groom outside the crowded hall and the formal events. The couple is more free and you get to capture their real essence and chemistry. With editors who work wonders, Sanker photography clicks pictures that will surely win you more likes and followers on your social media platforms!