An Enchanting Mom & Daughter Shoot Coordinated By Shopzters

An Enchanting Mom & Daughter Shoot Coordinated By Shopzters

Coordinating a styled photo shoot is no mean feat, but when you are backed by a capable team of maestros then disappointment isn’t an option!

Recently, Shopzters coordinated a photo shoot for two big brands Anya, Coimbatore & The Big Shop, Ooty featuring the gorgeous models Mrs. Globe Classic Indian Ocean 2018 Dr. Jaya Mahesh & her daughter Sanjana Mahesh, who showered poses with brilliant aesthetics in every angle .The extraordinary sarees and the intricately designed blouses are the work of @anya-where-tradition-meets-fashionclothing#. Anya holds a significant place in the industry with satisfied clients by offering them with high quality products and services.

The exquisite traditional jewellery by The Big Shop looks heavy and adds to the model’s personality. Owned and managed by a beautiful family, their showroom is stocked with beautiful gold & diamond antique jewellery, serving customers with refined dedication and care. They are the manufacturers of true masterpieces of antique jewelry which involves a lot of class, high quality workmanship and style.

The outstanding makeup by @bronzer-bridal-makeup-artist# Viji adds a perfect dash of finesse to their look. She is known to work with at most professionalism and has been one of the top picked MUAs and of course our special friend!

The ingenious stills shot by @mystic-studios# are true masterpieces that’ll please all eyes and turn all heads. The incredible location by Dwaraka Inn add the kind of oomph to the pictures that blew our mind. It is a place that is so calm and warm.