Anklets – The Pleasing Tinkling Musical Ornament!!!

One could immediately remember the jingling sound the bells create!!Though Anklets are worn by women all over the world, it is closely connected to Indian women as it has a long history. Yes Indian anklets are extremely appealing because of the animation it creates. The tinkling bell sound it creates is always a fancy. Not only the animation but also the intricate carvings, embellishments and countless styles they are created with make them more reputed. Wearing anklets have been considered a good luck sign for the family but most women wear it because it's simply beautiful. Any Indian bride's accessories are incomplete without anklets.

Anklets add more charm to our legs. Anklets with crystals and stone works could excite us more. Rajasthani's wear the heavier anklets. Simple metal anklets could be of Silver (most used), Brass, Nickel, Gold etc.., Diamond anklets would be the most elegant. Anklets made with Gemstones are just stunning.

Anklets are not just traditional, wear shell anklets for any beach parties it would be chic. Beaded anklets are the most colorful ones. Anklets are not just yet another accessory it has a long cultural heritage in India.

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