Another New Label This Season, Get Ready To Fall In Love

Another New Label This Season, Get Ready To Fall In Love

Satya, the predominant, bold and beautiful designer behind the initiation of the classic fashion, “@mantra-the-design-studioclothing#” talks to Shopzters about her journey through the launch of her very own designer brand.

Dressing people up and presenting them in their most vibrant form has always been my first regard. With the love towards fashion and designing, six years ago I set out on a journey in beginning a design studio named “Mantra”. Began with a very small crew, Mantra has now grown much bigger. 

Over the victory of Mantra, I now present to all you fashion lovers out there with yet another new label, “The V – House” with its tagline, “Rustic theories”. Drawing inspirations from the highly fashionable, rich and vibrant Indian culture, the V - house aims at bringing glory to all highly classy, sophisticated, modern Indian women above 25 years of age. 

Indian culture and heritage holds a most important part in my life. I have always been inspired and sat at awe as to how much the culture never ceases to offer. As we believe in avoiding flashy colours and going the Desi way, this new label involves a lot of unique prints, designs, technique and colour combinations that you have never seen before. We use our own fabrics which are always in their most purest form. We always use pure cottons and silks with zero mix. 

The biggest asset of V- house is that the whole manufacturing and designing is happening in-house. 

When it comes to high-end fashion, the Northern part of India has always been ruling. With a culture as rich as the one of India, why can’t we re-write history with regard to fashion? In the quest to re-writing fashion and bringing glory to the Indian culture, we present to you, in all its finery, “The V – House, Rustic theories”. Very soon to be found in all leading stores and on online portals.