A trend that's here to stay - antique earcuffs to elevate your look!

A trend that's here to stay - antique earcuffs to elevate your look!

Jumkhas have always been bride’s favorite jewellery but while combined with ear cuffs, they become timeless and classy. They are one piece of jewellery that will create a dramatic effect on the entire ensemble. Here are a few inspirations for donning the ear cuff jumkhas.


Look regal and aristocratic in this antique fish ear cuff jumkha studded with antique green and red kemp stones.


We love the pearl detailing in this very unique peacock ear cuff jumkha. It is sure to make all eyes fall on you!


The simple and elegant white kundhan peacock ear cuff jumkha is sure to look great with any ensemble your wear whether it is a saree or a lehenga.


We adore the multi coloured peacock ear cuff jumkha this bride is donning. It sure does make a look ethereal.


This gold ear cuff jumkha is indeed a show stealer and master piece. It is sure to bring balance and beauty to any ensemble.


The kundhan jumkha ear cuff looks effortlessly stylish on this very pretty bridesmaid. We love how she has matched it with rest of her jewellery.


Don’t you want to get your hands on this classy green kundhan jumkha cuff earring?


We love how Sonam has minimally accessorized her look on red carpet with this jumkha ear cuff. It is a delightful twist to add the piece with a contemporary outfit.


The layered jumkha ear cuff is sure to make you look exceptional wearing such a unique masterpiece.


Actress Samantha looks gorgeous with the gold ear cuff jumkha. We love the oversized jumkha and how she has minimally accessorized it with her saree.


The royal looking kasu and peacock ear cuff is sure to grab eye balls anywhere.


We love how the jumkha covers entire ears and the intricate design on this antique jumkha.


Thumbs up to this lovely antique kemp jumkha ear cuffs.  This one is sure to look great on any saree you wear!


It’s perfect to accessorize a grand gold jumkha ear cuff with a beautiful saree without any other accessory. It is a perfect way to direct emphasis on the jumkha.


Every girl should own a silver ear cuff jumkha in her kitty and it is sure to go with any ethnic ensemble you wear!